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  1. organicguy

    Water pipe under road

    Need to replace our private supply under a B road. Cannot mole as there is a medium pressure gas main in the middle of the road. Can any one recommend a company to dig up the road. SN6 area ideally or a national company with local depots. I am sure there are plenty with Irish names but I'd like...
  2. organicguy

    What's this?

    Came out of FIL shed. Hollow to the little hole?
  3. organicguy

    Downcalving British Friesian heifers

    10 Pedigree British Friesian heifers, downcalving or calved, or older cows. For sale due to good fertility last winter! TB restricted as break down in beef group in spring on separate farm. This group have had 3 clear tests this year. All home bred by Peckham, Premier, Quaich, Foxhole Panetella...
  4. organicguy

    Welgar rp445 spares availability

    Bearing gone on pressure roller for variable bales size. Local dealership who cover about 10 counties(at least) do not have spare parts in stock. Every variable chamber baler of this brand will have several of this part. Any suggestions of some where I might find spares? TIA OG
  5. organicguy

    Oat straw for calf feeding

    Usually feed/bed calves on barley straw but only have oats this year. Is it alright for calves for their first roughage? Pros/cons? TIA OG
  6. organicguy

    New office computer spec.

    Need to replace farm office computer (old one is 13yo) before secretary goes on strike and retires. Bit out of date with spec! I'm told 256 ssd. What else and what soft ware. Only office work, no gaming or tv. Just TFF and the odd video. TIA OG
  7. organicguy

    Fendt 312 Cruise control/pedal mode not working.

    As title, symbol comes up on dash screen to show not working. Any simple fix or is it a dealer/computer fix/ TIA OG
  8. organicguy

    Tiscali e-mail address not receiving.

    Our tiscali email has stopped receiving. Tiscali were taken over by talk talk. Are talk talk shutting down old addresses? Anyone have any ideas? TIA Organic
  9. organicguy

    What,s this?

    Has anyone seen this before?
  10. organicguy

    Ferrag/Rau rototiller/power harrow bearing help please

    4m rau with Accord air seeder. Bearing on fan drive shaft gone (or worse) fallen at the first hurdle. Cannot get the fan pulley off. Appears to be some form of taper lock, removed 3 allen bolts, 3 more holes but will not thread off taper. Any any clues? TIA
  11. organicguy

    MF 5711 built in obsolescence?

    Having trouble with poor air con on a 1 year old tractor. Checking and cleaning rads etc to discover that the 3 drains for condensation are blocked. 2 run down inside the cab pillars which need a hole to allow the water to pass between two welded pieces of box. Hole blocked, near impossible to...
  12. organicguy

    Fendt 513 rear linkage

    Rear linkage will not go up/down on the linkage button. If I transfer the linkage to a spool switch it will move. Is there a lock that I have turned on inadvertently? or is it likely the switch has died? TIA OG
  13. organicguy


    Lost a field of spring barley to leatherjackets. Not being able to use Dursban what are my options to make sure they don't wipe out the grass I want to plant?
  14. organicguy

    Class Liner 2700

    Day 0 of silaging, rowing up for tomorrow and rotor gear box is leaking oil around the axle shaft. Any tips on how to bodge it until we are finished or tips on quick repair! TIA OG
  15. organicguy

    SAM, what are the rules for scheduling?

    Have chance to buy a small block of land which was recently scheduled a SAM. What are the rules for scheduling? Consultation? Evidence needed? Rights of appeal? It seems that someone got it scheduled because the previous owner was thinking about houses and it would spoil their view!
  16. organicguy

    BPS treatment of stewardship plots

    Are annual HLS plots included within the field area code as has always been, or do bird cover strips have to have a separate land use code? TIA OG
  17. organicguy

    Moleing pipe under road.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a company to mole a private water supply pipe under a B road, 25 m distance. North Wilts. TIA OG
  18. organicguy

    plasma cutter not working

    Butters AMT 30 strikes but cuts out immediately. Yellow panel light flashes(no instruction book so I don't know what the symbol means) Give it 10 secs and it repeats. Any help gratefully accepted. TIA OG
  19. organicguy

    How do you kill ivy growing in and under a wall?

    As per title just taken on a field with a pointed wall tight against the road. It is covered in ivy and I don,t want the expense of rebuilding the wall. Have cut as much back with the hedgecutter as I can but how do i prevent re growth? Og
  20. organicguy

    I don't understand, ice, water, freezing,drying?

    Freezing hard every night, barely thawing. Dry ground, hard as rock. Farm track, ice over puddles, 5mm thick, driven over and broken, ice again but still water in the puddles? Wet field, trodden by cattle in autumn, ice 5mm thick, gap of 50mm, then water in the bottom of the foot mark. Is that...