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  1. TheTallGuy

    You simply can't win...
  2. TheTallGuy


    And folk moan about farmers... :sick::sick:
  3. TheTallGuy

    Vegan society at it again....

    I did do a double check that it's not April yet...
  4. TheTallGuy


    Ahhh.... how sweet.... :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  5. TheTallGuy

    Old TV shows & personalities

    Following on from comments on another thread, I got to thinking about how great TV used to be - particularly in terms of rural outlook. I can remember the likes of About Anglia tackling rural & farming issues, plus we had the likes of Dick Joice in Bygones providing quality programmes that...
  6. TheTallGuy

    Badgers..... You couldn't make it up!
  7. TheTallGuy

    RSPCA at it again When will someone in authority stand up and strip them of power?
  8. TheTallGuy

    Man dies in industrial accident

    Thoughts and prayers for all those involved and the family of the deceased
  9. TheTallGuy

    Silly song...

    I just stumbled across the following on YT - clearly has far too much time on his hands, but quite funny all the same and an improvement on the original!