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    5k hedgecutter for 100hp tractor

    I'm looking for a trimmer for our MF5610 100hp tractor to replace our Bomford Highwayman. It needs to cope with 3 year growth as we are in Mid Tier. Main line brands preferred, simple rather than worrisome rats nest electrics also preferred. So what size machine will our tractor cope with...
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    Manitou 630 starting problems

    Brand new Manitou 630 that doesn't always start. Maybe once in every three attempt. Sometimes it fires and then stops, sometimes it has an ECU fault, or "Engine too hot" fault despite being cool. Dealer mechanic had a look but basically shrugged and said "too many electronics". Has anyone got...
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    Best EID management tags for cattle

    We are moving to EID for weighing finishers and currently use large flag printed tags. We would like to retain a printed flag tag and like the idea of reusable EID. Has anyone got any experience?
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    First crop into derelict land

    Hoping to rent some land of a neighbour, currently in poor grass that was last cut in 2019 (bales still in the field). Wet medium to clay land, trio, plough or contract Mzuri available. Ideally get it into first wheat in the autumn, we grow maize, cereals and beans on the farm, lots of muck...
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    WWAN on Toughbook

    I've just bought a CF-53 Toughbook which has a Gobi 5000 WWAN card in it. How do I get it to connect to the internet? I get that I will need some sort of SIM or contract but I can't find anywhere online that offers it?
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    Replacing Manitou 627

    Our 09 manitou MLT627 has 7500 hours on and we're ready for a change. General duties on a mixed beef finishing and arable farm. We don't need a bigger machine but we are being pushed by dealers to 3 tonne trucks? JCB 532-60, Manitou 630 and Merlo TF33.7 115 are the ones I've looked at so far...
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    What the hell have you done to the app!!!

    Please can we have the old app back! The new one has all the crap I don't like on the website. It's just dreadful, difficult to navigate, useless fluff everywhere, slow, bloody adverts, clutter and busy beyond belief. I've just looked at a thread I am following and on the old app the content...
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    Soil in concave

    What's the best way to get soil out of a concave? Asking for a friend.
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    Rock dust saves the planet @Mounty @Cab-over Pete
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    What size shear bucket?

    Our McHale shear grab is showing it age so I'm thinking about swapping it for a shear bucket. It needs to load square bales and clamp maize and potentially straights into the mixer. Current telehandler is a Manitou 627, so 2.5t lift. What size should I be looking at?
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    Any tips for sowing grass with a combi

    Has anyone any tips for drilling grass with a combi drill? It's a Sulky Xeos Pro (disc) on 20cm spacing. It's a 12-24m stewardship margin.
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    Seized brake drum

    I've got this far in but I'm/it's stuck. Any ideas?
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    Lely/Tulip coil tine identification

    I have a home built front press with two rows of double coil tines and I am trying to find some replacements to get it back to full working condition. They look a bit like a Simba toptilth tine but they don't fit. Another suggestion is a Lely/Tulip Culti-Terra/Multi-Terra tine. These look...
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    Has anyone else read the article in Profi magazine on ferobide? Page 70 I think. I was just wondering how folks were getting on with it and the economics of it work out. Mainly for Mr use on our trio.
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    Banjo adaptor.

    I need a couple of banjo type fittings as per the Sauter front links kit for my T7.210. It is to fit between the spool block and the quick couple. The FL kit had a pair to operate the FL but I want to permanently pipe up a second service to the front. They are like a standard banjo but the...
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    500mm Green bale wrap

    Looking for a pallet of green 500mm bale wrap. York delivery.
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    22mm long ratchet spanner

    I need a long pattern 22mm ratchet spanner for changing the depth wheels on my Sulky drill. A Draper Hi-Torq would be ideal but everywhere is either out of stock or silly money. Any other makes or somewhere with stock?
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    French ban veggie sausages
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    Working on ditches

    We have a beck under IDB control which needs some work. The IDB have piled spoil on the bank top over the last couple of decades and now we have the situation in the picture. I want to dig about 2 foot off and swing it into the low spots, the bucket won't touch the water. I doubt we will get a...
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    Camera into Intelliview III

    Does anyone use a camera on their Intelliview 3 screen? Is the resolution as good as a decent standalone eBay kit?