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  1. Wolds Beef

    Happy Lincolnshire Day you Yellowbellyies!!

    As above to all Producers and Farmers in our fair County!! Also to lads and lasses that are Lincolnshire born and bred but abroad shall we say. @yellow belly @yellowbelly @Hindsight @Lincs Lass @LincolnHeathGrower @tullah The best Suckler breed you can get!!
  2. Wolds Beef

    Yards wanted.!

    A friend is looking for a yard with buidings for the winter period in the Louth to Horncastle Area. Please PM me if you know of any. WB
  3. Wolds Beef


    No, not here but at Rokeby on the Canterbury plain in NZ. My pal has sent me a snow report! They have currently 300 dairy cows out wintered on tack. They did have 3000 but most have gone home, and it is not quite lambing season yet. WB
  4. Wolds Beef

    Bug and Bee Hotels

    Mods move if not in the right place!! How far will beetles, bees and insects migrate if I build bug hotels out of old broken pallets, old logs ect and place in places in among my arable areas? WB
  5. Wolds Beef

    Tesco CEO - Comments on food waste!

    @JP1 or @Chris F There is an article about food waste in the Daily Wail online and I am sure our farmers and Hort boys would love to comment on how hypocritical this guy is. Please put a link! WB
  6. Wolds Beef

    Is it possible to bring Groundswell North?

    As title, It would be nice to see it some where in the North midlands like Notts or Lincs. Why should it be exclusively in the south every year. WB
  7. Wolds Beef

    Groundswell. Where is the press coverage?

    As title suggests. Have had a look but very little coverage of the different speakers speeches! WB
  8. Wolds Beef

    Bugs and Beasties in Soil and Crops

    This probably is a daft question. I am looking for some freebie books or pamphlets on the above. I have a teenage lad (nieghbours son) who keeps bugs and beasties as pets! and I want to encourage him into science and maybe even agronomy (parents are also supportive). Any ideas? There are getting...
  9. Wolds Beef


    This looks like a very good exhibition/Show. We are losing a lot of our actives and costs on the conventional methods are going through the roof. I have the second largest Biodynamic Organic farm next door, run by a family that have made money another way,(a bit like Jody). But!! £60 is a lot of...
  10. Wolds Beef


    I Guess Cereals and Groundswell are in jeopardy if they extend the restrictions. @Clive @Guy Smith. WB
  11. Wolds Beef

    Why o'Why

    The menu has so much foreign stuff on it for the G7 Why has not Boris that it is all British!! We have got fabulous food in this country and it is summer!! It is all available. James Martin et al should be serving the best of British, including S Devon Beef English Sparkling Wine, Mr Dysons...
  12. Wolds Beef

    New Tates

    Those of you with the above will be hoping the Jersey Blockade is kept going!! You will make a killing!! WB
  13. Wolds Beef


    How do we get the General Population to Boycott everything made in the EU. We must leave everything on the shelf. We have the whole world to choose from except EU countries. That should include Vehicles chlothes Food Drink the lot. WB
  14. Wolds Beef

    Multibreed Sale Melton Mowbray March 2021

    Hopefully I can attach the Catalogue! For all the usual Suspects. @JP1 @yellowbelly @Hesstondriver
  15. Wolds Beef

    Lincolnshire Show

    No meeting our show friends this year!! It has been called of a couple of hours ago. June 2022 is to be the next one. WB
  16. Wolds Beef

    Louth Market Lincolnshire.

    2 Cracking Store Heifers from the Winceby Herd of Lincoln Red Cattle. Surplus to requirements. Suitable for a commercial herd. Louth does operate by showing sale on facebook and will take telephone bids. WB
  17. Wolds Beef

    Two Year old Pedigree Lincoln Red Bull

    Winceby Yarlin is for Sale, A cracking Young Bull that would have had a much more extensive show career. However he was shown at Countryside live 2019 at the Yorkshire showground where he did not disgrace himself at at Newark Vintage tractor show where he came third in a large class. I put the...
  18. Wolds Beef

    Countryfile 22/11/20

    Lincoln Red's, Lincoln Longwool Sheep and Lovely Countryside (I am Biased!) on tonight. WB
  19. Wolds Beef

    Article from Farmers Guardian - Farming with ME

    Having corresponded with @Chris F I am posting this article here. I have 2 reasons for doing so. Firstly it is a good article about an invisible problem, my only daughter suffers from the same problem and really struggles to get out of the House. We also have Cattle, in fact we have a Pedigree...
  20. Wolds Beef

    Lincoln Red Sale goes ONLINE

    @JP1 and others Please Link!! Videos of stock, Catalogue, and links to auction site. Lincoln Red Website. Lincoln Red Facebook Page. Masons Auctioneers Facebook Masons Auctioneers Louth Website. Videos will keep being added as available. Stock is available all over the Country and a good article...