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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    The issue of supply times from the far east has resulted in some people asking why we headed down that route to start with. Recently I've heard of people switching to UK manufacturing because either the UK is actually cheaper due to shipping cost increases, or the difference is so little that...
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    You may either laugh or cry when you read this

    Please explain how it is possible to employ staff in the UK whilst avoiding NI & pension payments. You pay on the basis of the Country they are employed in, not where they originated from. As to the original article, I think the butcher mentioned in the story who had three staff start on a...
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    Labour want another lockdown

    Its a rare occasion where Captain Hindsights name and the word positive can be used in the same sentence :ROFLMAO:
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    Owen Paterson

    It appears there was £100k a year from Randox and £50k a year from a NI meat processor. He repeatedly approached ministers asking questions on behalf of them both without declaring that he was on their payroll. He was sacked as a minister in 2015 for being useless, and it appears he made up...
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    Really ? what reason would they have, they only require potatoes, cooking oil and some dodgy flavourings not aware any are in short supply. As to stopping production on 200 lines, their website shows only about 40 in total. Had this experience recently with a Premier Inn, no evening meal...
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    No sign at all of any shortages in Cambridgeshire, everyone I speak to says the supermarket shelves are no different to normal. They've even got stacks of 24 packs of diet coke in random places round our local Tesco to persuade us to buy even more.
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    Lack of Small Abattoirs

    The last thing needed is a working group, working groups are formed when a responsible body doesn't want to make a decision, if you do it in house only using your own staff/members you have limited excuses for not making a binding decision. Form a working group however with external...
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    The problem is that unless you know the incriminating evidence is there and already know what it says, you don't have a clue whether they are disclosing all they have. Back in my Parish Council days we had a traveller family who served a FOI on both the parish council and the district council...
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    How to move a dead horse?

    The only thing that will die with this thread is us people who when it flies back onto page 1 eagerly click it to see of Inspector Cluedo has finally returned.
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    Defra invasion.

    You have to ask the question, what idiot designed the home office building such that protestors don't even have to go to the bother of providing their own ladder ? and who signed off the design on our behalf.
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    Red Tractor appoints experienced farming advocate Alistair Mackintosh as vice chair

    The situation where a person can hold a senior position two organisations simultaneously, one where he should be representing the producers, and the other where he is representing the processors and buyers shows why the system is completely corrupt and the phrase "gravy train" is relevant. If...
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    Where is the NFU etc?

    Clarkson moves in the Chipping Norton circles, Lord Bamford & co. Our PM loves posing in a JCB. The NFU really have lost it if they think the Tory party refuses to take a call from JC and his cohorts
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    Labour want another lockdown

    Speak as you find, obviously your daughter is in a role that has put the effort in, meanwhile our district council has failed to carry out their audit and has yet to submit their 2018/19 accounts and the enforcement department is missing in action. They turned up to deal with pile driving that...
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    I'm told that the training schemes are all about how to operate safely, remember to do your daily checks, risk assessments, don't go for a pee unless you have your hard hat on etc. Your feel for the job, smoothly operating the levers, working effectively is nothing to do with it.
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    The confusing part is not the "Old" as it is the original course of the Great Ouse, but the West part, as it is the Eastward section of the river. You used to be able to easily see the tidal range at Earith against the clear bank, but there's so much crap along the edges now its hard to see...
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    Labour want another lockdown

    We have a "friend" who delights in posting any work from home suggestions, we strongly suspect it is due to her employers cottoning on to her doing f all despite claiming to be far more productive wfh. Its the hypocrisy that gets me, she thinks we need to work from home to be safe, but its...
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    Drilling holes in stone trough.

    Diamond bit, definitely no hammer action.
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    Gates, security and travellers

    Think it has both a keypad for the occupiers and a buzzer system for delivery drivers to contact the people they are delivering to.
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    Aircon or Not

    Can't understand people who don't like aircon, I issue more staff bollockings over aircon than anything else, I leave it on auto mode and just adjust the temperature to suit the day. Windows always demisted, everything comfortable, blower adjusts to suit requirements. When I get in a vehicle...
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    Gates, security and travellers

    |There's a local on farm industrial estate with a coded gate, when i'm working nearby you see all sorts of parcel vans etc pulling up and gaining access. They get far worse treatment at the big warehouses so a 30 second delay for a gate to open won't worry them