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  1. MickW

    Where was my tractor built?

    Dagenham hasn’t build tractors for decades the Super Major CNH at Basildon since about 1964 New Holland globally and Case IH for some markets not UK I believe Doncaster was closed about 15 year ago mostly housing now
  2. MickW

    Covid jab - is it compulsory?

    I had the jab hate needles but didn’t feel it, with no side effects other than a slight ache. Next on booked 14th April pleased I had it
  3. MickW

    Old agricultural merchants

    I believe that if you talk with Burgess pensioners they wouldn’t agree with you, maybe the directors looked after themselves.
  4. MickW

    New Holland dealership completes major acquisition

    Strange how things go round. Tipton & Morley Barnard Castle & North Allerton (I believe) was purchased by the Platts and I believe they traded as Platts TM for a while. Platts Case IH dealer purchased Harris Ford NH dealer Anyway many years later as Platts - Harris started to implode Russells...
  5. MickW

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    , these figures are 2018 but Fendt are below 1000 tractors so not exactly stealing the MF business, I imaging both Fendt and MF will have improved a little
  6. MickW

    Dealer changes again the north or england & south of Scotland

    Don’t believe that Brockhills every held the MF franchise (not 100% sure)
  7. MickW

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    God there’s some experts on this forum, if you don’t know the truth just make it up 94 pages of guesswork. Far back in this thread Sharmans purchased RES, we also see something in print and some still disagree.
  8. MickW

    £100 million per dealer

    UK sales for 2019 according to the AEA at 12,333 units
  9. MickW

    Tractor Pulling Royal show,

    photo from Liz W we believe that it’s was about 1981 we have old puller magazines and a Power Farmer report. I believe that Maurice Immick? bought an American tractor or two not sure but I think his modified was Foxy Lady And the Deutz Fahr was Sneeky Pete which might be your Dutch connection...
  10. MickW

    Tractor Pulling Royal show,

    Snoopy was from the South East of the UK Mike Cushing built and owned it some years Then sold it to the Whittingham family in near Lancaster, they have have run a number of Snoopy tractors, not sure but I believe its now Snoopy 4. Huge improvements over the years, loads on the internet, there’s...
  11. MickW

    Leica mojo min2 problems

    Contact details for Hexagon - Leica
  12. MickW

    12.4 11x36 & 600x16 Tyres

    I’ve had a bit of luck and hopefully purchased a set of nearly new locally yet to see them but sounds good.
  13. MickW

    12.4 11x36 & 600x16 Tyres

    On 11 inch rims?
  14. MickW

    12.4 11x36 & 600x16 Tyres

    Why? I assumed (probably incorrectly) that I’d need tubes due to the rims being rather tatty, I’d better push a bead off.
  15. MickW

    12.4 11x36 & 600x16 Tyres

    Will do thanks
  16. MickW

    12.4 11x36 & 600x16 Tyres

    Its probably time to fit new tyres to our 4000 2x 12.4 11x36 c/w inner tubes 2 x 600x 16 c/w inner tubes Any thoughts or ideas on price, probably going to fit new unless someone has decent used tyres, Regards Mick W Launceston Cornwall
  17. MickW

    Text message from NHS

    I had two different text streams standard as wifey the other below NHS Coronavirus Service: We have identified that you're someone at risk of severe illness if you catch Coronavirus. Please remain at home for a minimum of 12 weeks. Home is the safest place for you. Staying in helps you stay well...
  18. MickW

    Travel Insurance

    Same here Travelnation
  19. MickW

    Deutz tractor Breaker???

    Not ZF transmision
  20. MickW

    Convert Claas laser pilot to Trimble GPS

    Talk with A S Comms (Vantage)