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  1. MickMoor

    Poor Broadband?

    Our local council told me aout this in their Business Newsletter: Might be of interest to some!
  2. MickMoor

    Benefits of The Farming Forum.

    My avatar is a poor copy of a painting. It is the only evidence I have of my Great Grandfather's farm, Gatley Hill Farm. I was contacted by the South Manchester Archeological Research Team, to let me know that they were digging trial pits to see if they could find any traces of the farm. How...
  3. MickMoor

    Heavy ploughing.

    Another interesting picture I saw.
  4. MickMoor

    What are these?

    Just come back off holidays. Saw this picture and wondered if anybody would recognise this type of animal. I will reveal after there have been a few guesses, or of course a correct answer."
  5. MickMoor

    Whitchurch to Thrapston

    Got a customer's auger for re-flighting at Astwells. Needs collecting from near Whtichurch. 13'6" long, 6" diameter , weighs 25-30 Kg.
  6. MickMoor

    Treatening Letters

    Does anybody else get these? They have been sending them for about a year, eaCh slightly more threatening with more red than the last. I just bin them. This attitude winds me up. Quite looking forward to them turning up, when they eventually find one of us in, and we check their identity and...
  7. MickMoor


    This could be interpretted as an advert. Grants are available at the moment for covers over existing slurry stores. There is a very short window of opprtunity, I have posted some more details and links on my faceboook page.
  8. MickMoor

    Northern Power House! Hmm......!

    My brother just sent me this link, so I had to share it. Comments ?
  9. MickMoor


    Just watched the BBC programme Winter Watch or sometHing like.They were very excited about the stand-off between a fox and an eagle, so much so that they used it to trail tomorrow's programme. Naturally,they would not exhibit the same interest in a lurcher chasing a hare, a terrier taking on a...
  10. MickMoor

    Generators: Other - Harrington

    Generators: Other - Harrington Category: Generators Manufacturer: Other Price: Price on application Condition: Used Description: Stand by generators, all very low hours, well maintained, manufactured by Harrington Generators. Dating from around 2009. 7kva single phase through 12.5 kva...
  11. MickMoor

    Stand-by Generators

    We have several low hours standby generators for sale. Well maintained, manufactured by Harrington Generators. Dating form around 2009. 7kva single phase to 12.5 kva three phase. In weatherproof quiet cabinets. Other sizes to follow, so please ask with your requirements. A 25kva machine is also...
  12. MickMoor

    Tools: Other - NONE

    Tools: Other - NONE Category: Tools Manufacturer: Other Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Very strong steel bench; good for welding on or general engineering work. 2.0 m x 1.0 m not sure if it is 6mm thick or 5mm, but it is very heavy and doesn't bend. It only has 2 legs at...
  13. MickMoor

    Nice Surprise

    This might sound as if it should be under a different topic, but let me finish! I have often talked about explosion relief panels in silos, and ATEX regulations, particularly on the forum in relation to wood chip and pellet storge. So far we have only fitted them as supplied with the silo. We...
  14. MickMoor

    Slurry Separator

    I am offering this on behalf of a customer: Click on the pics for a closer look.
  15. MickMoor


    The German company responsible for a large number of AD installations in Germany and this country as well as the rest of Europe has gone into administration. Any comments? I am particularly interested because I was asked to quote for some work for an installation in Scotland. Should I bother...
  16. MickMoor


    Does anybody have a tracker fitted to their equipment? If so, does it work as expected? Are you sure? Without going into too much detail, I have a unit fitted to one piece of equipment and it is not providing proper protection. I obviously don't want to provide details on a public forum, but I...
  17. MickMoor

    Any contractors out East?

    Before Christmas, I was called out to a leaking valve on an old Boythorpe slurry store near Horncastle, by the recently appointed administrators of a large farming company. The valve was impossible to mend, and I rigged up a temporary solution. Now the time is approaching when the store will...
  18. MickMoor

    Hen Racing

    Yes, really! A few members of the old forum go to the World Championships regularly, so I thought I'd better put a reminder out as it's nearly time. Saturday August 3rd, afternoon. don't be late, because it will be packed...
  19. MickMoor

    Belt and Bucket Elevator

    Removed from the flour mill we have dismantled, and in sections, 9" wide x 40' high over all, painted green. Sectional, so could be made shorter. Bucket spacing 10". 2.2kW motor, on shaft reduction drive. See my website, 'Other equipment and Spare Parts' for pictures. Still for sale 04/05/13!