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  1. Tractorstant

    How Much Capital would you need to start a Dealership?

    If someone was "mad" enough to want to set up an Ag Machinery dealership how much capital would you think you would need behind you? I guess it depends on the Brand guidelines and stocking etc. But also buildings, workshops, vans, parts, etc. Just curious to know people's estimations.
  2. Tractorstant

    Food Parcels ( school meals )....Silence from British Farming?

    I am sure we have all seen the uproar that about the £30 food parcel that was delivered to a lady to feed her Children by a 3rd Party Caterer, if you haven't.... Yet I can't find anywhere anyone from UK Ag saying, we will supply Carrots/Tates/Veg/Milk etc...
  3. Tractorstant

    Bag of Clothes.

    Does anyone do a collection/distribute clothes to farmers? I have a bag here, most of it great stuff, but either too small or as a button missing that sort of thing. Does is there a charity specifically aimed at farmers for this? or does anyone want a bag of Large Blokes shirts and jumpers? Matt
  4. Tractorstant

    Market Bosworth Police need help re Sheep.

    Market Bosworth Police are looking for anyone who keeps sheep around King Dick Hole. 4 in the water in distress apparently.
  5. Tractorstant

    2WD Ford TW15

    Friend of mine is after a quality TW15 2WD as it was one of the tractors he drove in this youth. If anyone has one for sale let me know via PM Thanks Matt.
  6. Tractorstant

    Promote Your Farm -Shop/Produce/Delivery Service NOW!

    Dear TFF, I want to create and promote a live list of: Open Farm Shops Meat-Box Delivery services Milk Delivery services Any Farms that offer a food collection or delivery service. Old school Field to Fork. What I need: A website link or contact details for your business. Service/Goods that...
  7. Tractorstant

    Do we have this in the UK? If not why not?

    Dear TFF, Having not shopped for milk in the UK for a number of years, I don't know if there is an equvulient? The translation reads that 40c/lt goes back to the breeder ( Framer. ) What a fantastic idea! ( Sadly I have no idea if milk can be produced with a margin for 40c/lt but I believe...
  8. Tractorstant

    John Deere/Kohler Parts Help. Urgent

    Dear TFF. Are there any JD spares experts or preferably dealers on here? Long story sideways I have a yacht who's Port generator has gone down. Our team has been back and fourth getting no where fast with parts. I have just found out that it's a John Deere engine badged as a Kohler. We fit...
  9. Tractorstant

    Situation Vacant Part time, Loader/Driver, Suffolk/Essex.

    Dear TTF’ers I am Looking for a part-time, self-employed, committed, Driver/Loader during some of the shooting season in Oct/Nov/Dec. Based in West Suffolk or Essex. Shoots all over the country, collections from major London airports will also be required as will the odd trip into the city...
  10. Tractorstant

    Which compact tractor with a PTO?

    I want to buy my father a compact tractor for him to use round the estate ( housing rather than manor! ) Some grass cutting with a small flail, yard brush maybe a bit of snow clearance etc. We used to have a great Iseki (TX1300) I think which was built like a tank 35+ years ago. Are they still...
  11. Tractorstant

    Presentation of Machinery for Sale.

    Dear TFF'ers Interested to gauge your views as when I was selling machinery I heard various opinions. Do you like to see a machine, fully prepared? Tyre Shine, Front weights painted, Wheels Painted, Hitches and Hooks free of rust. Properly valeted etc Or Do you prefer to see it in an...
  12. Tractorstant

    Your Farm from above? Poole to London

    Flew from Poole to London kind of following the M3 ish ( I think wasn't driving [emoji23]) so I took some pictures. Few combines working too but not many.
  13. Tractorstant

    Very Short Term Combine Hire

    Does anyone do 2-3 day combine hire? Or maybe a week? Came up in conversation today, I know it would be a premium price.
  14. Tractorstant

    If I wanted to have a nut and bolt restoration....

    bit of a flight of fancy but....... I would really like to buy and have fully restored all the old tractors from the farm where I used to work years ago. My question is, I wouldn't have a clue where to start, are there companies that you can employ to do this? 1st one being a Ford 5610 2wd...
  15. Tractorstant

    JCB 3CX Discount.

    Having been out of the "Game" for a while, I think I have been quoted list! Looking at one of the 3CX 70th Anniversary Machines. Yes it's limited with bells and whistles but would be interested to see what one would expect to buy a normal one for. Tractorstant...
  16. Tractorstant

    Flooding, Can we the TFF Members do more to help?

    Hi there, reading these threads regarding the flooding ( up North and previously in the West country) is quite depressing and leads me to think...can we, TFF members do more to support other members in times like these? Some farmers must be in an awful state not knowing which way is up at the...
  17. Tractorstant

    The keyboard warrior USA style.

    I only know a little bit about farming but this has left me wanting to reach for the Over and Under and track this ill informed Kermit down. I'll just leave this here... Matt.