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    grazing and stables

    We have a couple of acres with 3 stables and mains water, been let to the same family for over 30 years. However they are now giving up horses. Been so long since we let out to a new tenant, can anyone advise what the going rate is? We are in the Medway area of Kent. Thanks in advance
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    Structural engineer for PDR Kent

    Thank you, much appreciated.
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    Structural engineer for PDR Kent

    Hi, just wondering if anyone would recommend a structural engineer? We are based in Swale, Kent We are considering a class Q application and already have an architect on board, however his 'go to' engineer has just retired, has tried 2 other 'recommended' ones, they don't even respond to...
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    Stablising a Steep Soil Bank

    Hi, we have a 90 degree boundary corner of our site with a steep bank which is falling away both sides into neighbouring fields. Years ago it contained vegetation including tall conifers around the top, which stabilized it. Then around 20 years ago an irresponsible neighbour lite a small bonfire...