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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

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    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Seed deliveries this year have generally been an absolute shambles. Once the seed has been delivered and drilled I will be seeking a rebate for late delivery which will have hit yield. All the trade want to do is shrug their shoulders and blame someone else, the orders were taken with a...
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    Chris Packham to deliver petition to rewild Balmoral today

    Estates like Balmoral will have done more for genuine conservation than Packham could do in 10 lifetimes. Yesterdays' farce in London and probably the fire will only serve to increase his profile which is his aim.
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    AHDB put all Red Tractor funding on hold

    Well done AHDB for listening to levy payers and actually doing something about the current situation. I am very much in favour of AHDB cereals the recommended list is very useful as is much of their work and publications.
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    uk going gm

    Full GM products have been imported into the UK and the EU for a long time. Most people do not realise that nearly all cotton grown in the world is GM.
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    ELMS: Learning the lessons from history.

    I was with a couple of Forestry Commission bods yesterday, the general consensus was that ELMS was far too complex for too little gain, the weighting of the payments need to deliver much more to farmers and a broad and shallow approach, similar to the old Entry Level Scheme would deliver much...
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    Wheat into orbit

    Interesting observation from this week. The increase in wheat price is directly proportional to the number of phone calls from various merchants. In other words the best time to sell is probably when the phone is quiet?
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    Brome control in wheat

    Really need to know which type of brome to be able to control properly. Do you have any pictures of the mature plant, or maybe do a google search and see if you can find the type of brome?
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    Brome control in wheat

    What type of brome?
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    I will never put a so much as a single penny to CF fertiliser ever again.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I still have some fert to buy but I have also have a lot of heavy land still to drill. I will be hand to mouth with the rest of my requirements.
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    Winter linseed drilling

    Can still be used this autumn.
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    JD x9 demo

    Looks like that crop would benefit from some foliar magnesium.
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    Chicken Muck...

    Sorry but the rate you would be able to spread at under the new EA rules makes autumn chicken muck on a crop without a requirement for N a non starter.
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    Ergot in Spring wheat

    Colour sorter is a much better option for removing ergot, try a local mobile dresser?
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    Can I still spread sh1t

    This exactly the type of scenario that a FACTS qualified advisor who knows the farm and the history should be able to give advice and allow spreading to go ahead. Instead the EA know best and some farms will have to fundamentally change what happens on the ground. Yes, there have been some...
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    Planting undressed wheat

    This has to be the most idiotic post on here, ever. If you decide to dress your seed do it properly or not at all.
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    Planting undressed wheat

    I think there is some good stuff on the AHDB website about when dressing are necessary or not.
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    Had a trials plot combine in a field of 1st wheat Gleam today, all plots around the 15T/Ha mark.
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    Still too much readily available N to spread at a reasonable application rate in the autumn, except where RB209 says there is a crop need eg before OSR or onto grass.