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    York to somerset

    Have a couple of stocks track units to come from jr firby nr York back to ba7 in somerset thanks
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    Somerset to suffolk

    Hi, might have a knight triple press to go to Suffolk, castle cary to Newmarket, it’s 3m wide, 10ft high and 20ft long at a quick guess. could do with a rough idea please
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    Situation Vacant Jcb 435s driver

    Hi, looking for a driver to clamp silage with a jcb 435s for the coming season, located in somerset uk, accommodation available. thanks matt
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    Jd 4640 serial rate output

    Hi, I've got a jd 4640 which now has a serial port connected to com 1, I bought an n sensor and with a software update the 4640 will suck the rate info right up, on the work setup screen I have the option of tx and rx and it got me thinking, now that I have a serial cable connected could I...
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    Fendt varioguide rs232

    Hi, Just wondered if anybody knows if it is possible for varioguide to take / read in rs232 variable rate info and use it to control an isobus device? I'd also be interested to know if there is an easy way of controlling the rate of an isobus machine using info from a serial device? I've found...
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    Claas jag 491 wiring diagram

    Hi, would anybody have any wiring info for a 491 jag, specifically in the cab, even more specifically the connectors x and XX in the right hand rear pillar, I was hoping to avoid stripping out the lining to work it out. thanks
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    Please teach me about ad

    Hi, as a dairy farmer (500) I’m acutely aware of the need to look at be better all the time, ridiculously not really to do with the food we produce but more how we do it. inevitably we produce quite a bit of waste, [email protected], reject feed, feed waste from silos etc, we also use a fair bit of...
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    Fastrac autosteer options

    Dealer telLas me my options are green star or Trimble, both semi integrate, can engage with headland management etc. what are the other cheaper options? Novatel, Topcon? Anybody have any experience thanks
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    Sticking patches on umbilical hose

    I’m sure I read on here somewhere about people sticking patches onto lay flat hose with special glue and or tape, I can’t find it now, can anybody fill me in with any details of what you do, products you use and how well it works. only looking to cover a couple of pin holes but I’ve installed a...
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    Wheat desiccation timing

    I suspect I’m the only one with winter wheat crops with bald patches which since the mid June rain have been sprouting all sorts. realistically to do much post harvest and try to harvest in some sanity it’s a roundup job, but when do I time it? the proper parts of the field have grains in the...
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    What can I do with weed mapping?

    So I’ve been spraying a lot lately, and it struck me that I’m spraying lots of ground that just doesn’t need it so I was thinking of mapping. i realise that we are about to have a new agricultural revolution and teenagers running crowd funded business which don’t come up with much are going to...
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    Rye grass, amg and bg

    Don’t worry, not all in the same field! in an effort to avoid blanket usage of glyphosate I may have missed a few patches of bg in my stubbles which were direct drilled with spring wheat, the spring wheat has come through nicely, had avadex pre em and was due to have liberator and picomax but...
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    Slurry separator

    looking for a pollution control or similar slurry separator, nc is v similar. thanks
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    Slurry separator

    hi, i have a pollution control 1200mm wide slurry separator, basically id like to buy another used one if anybody has anything? i have 2mm screens in mine, has anybody gone down to 1.5mm?
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    perseus grass seed

    looking for 35acs of perseus at a decent sowing rate, would be interested in adding large red clover to the mix. delivery by mid march to ba7 7nr please
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    maize seed

    looking for the following 75 bags of glory 75 bags of kws avitus 30bags of kws cito all delivered to ba7 7nr please
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    Spring wheat seed

    so the fat lady has her book out and is drawing breath on winter wheat. i dont have any spring wheat seed, im interested in buying some over priced spring feed wheat from someone in the south west, yes i will pay the royalty and have it cleaned but i wont be extorted for imported seed. let me...
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    Spring milling wheat

    looking for a load of good quality spring milling wheat for a feeding experiment ahead of next year. ideally located somerset or dorset, happy to pay a decent rate.
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    maize in a grain chaser bin

    anybody tried this? fliegl make a 24in auger for their mvong floor trailers and claim it will move silage? thanks
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    750a settings in different conditions and some wtfs

    perhaps ill get the wtfs out of the way first you cant get up the steps with the drill folded up? wtf i have to take the air pipes off and hang a tray on a sky hook to calibrate it, then realise half the seed jumped out of the tray? wtf the linkage brackets arent standard width wtf? the...