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    Has anyone welded hydraulic ram barrel successfully?

    Has anyone repaired a corroded hydraulic ram barrel successfully? Also tonight I took my dog out for a walk as I do every night but arrived back home with 2 dogs
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    Insurance quote shock

    I am looking at buying a diesel focus as a run around for £1000.. the reason why it's so expensive is the owner had to spend a lot to pass mot ,new brakes and tyres But that's not what I want to say really.... I was very shocked to receive an insurance quote for nearly 3/4 cost of car
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    Do tractors go better after 8pm?

    Has anyone noticed their tractors running better after 8pm in summer when air cools..... a local contractor said this earlier tonight
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    Stolen equipment may not be far away

    Recently I said here that I had tools and welding generator stolen.. well there is a possibility it's not gone far but I am not sure how to proceed, contacting police will be waste of time and it's not a good idea turning up on this person's yard and say have you stolen my equipment
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    1999 LDV front near side corner indicator lens

    No longer available new but does anyone know of one ? TIA
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    Do lorry engines shut off fuel to some cylinders on motorway?

    Do lorry engines shut off fuel to some cylinders when traveling on motorway or have I been told complete ballox??
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    What can and cannot run on red diesel from March 1. 2021

    I read somewhere probably here that excavators will run on derv from next year to be legal but is it true that all contracting will have to use derv including silaging equipment?
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    Who is responsible for machine hire repairs?

    Yesterday I went past a row of various size muck spreaders for hire just a short distance from Welshpool,the guy I was helping out for the day said the cost of hire was £100 per day which I think works out better than owning but who is responsible for breakdowns ? I would think the machine is...
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    1year old merlo written off because of seized engine!

    I have just had my weekly view of Hewitt salvage auction and I am surprised to see a one year old merlo written off because of seized engine ... surely would have been cheaper to replace engine??
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    Big increase in cost of ready mix concrete

    On Last nights news there was an article saying big increases in costs of various things , one of which is ready mix but I didn't hear by how much as I was half asleep!! Will this put a stop to future shed builds ??
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    £600 cash back on new tyres??

    There is advert on this site giving £600 cash back on 4 new kleber tyres , How does this Work? Is the price increased by £600 beforehand? Or are the tyres not selling because they are too expensive so price is reduced to realistic level but still making substantial profits Are all tyre...
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    Why can't wind fallen trees be cleared?

    I know of 2 estates where wind fallen trees cannot be cleared but I don't know why
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    Has anyone bought a cheap welder?

    Has anyone bought a cheap s/h engine welder lately? If so it could be mine as there's now an empty space where it used to be.
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    What is weight of Heston bales?

    Last night a program with Adam Henson , a lady had serious accident where Heston bales fell on her she said they weighed 2 tonne each??
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    Tractor fell off lorry

    While having lunch and listening to radio , the traffic report said a tractor had fallen off a lorry but I didn't catch the location
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    End of era in Machynlleth

    Tomorrow Lloyd Williams is closing abbatoir and shop after 90 years because of regulations ... never had any dealings, someone who has said he is a grumpy sod
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    Why isn't everyone producing eggs?

    £14,000 in bank every Friday guaranteed that's what I heard today about egg producer but feed and other costs to come out of that.. he's now putting up another 2 as well as building new house
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    Zetor 7540 rev counter not working ??

    How does rev counter on Zetor 7540 work and what's first thing to check when it doesn't? TIA
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    Part field of hay up in smoke

    Yesterday at about 18.30 a part field of hay went on fire the rest was saved by locals The fire was not caused by vandals but a whirlwind taking up hay and hitting overhead power cables
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    Shame tractors are not as well made as formula 1 cars

    Yesterday Max Verstappen walked away from high speed crash ..... but is he speaking to Lewis Hamilton