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  1. Oscar

    Combining grain maize

    I use to do 300 acs back in 2006 - 2011 , mixture of dry and crimp . Biggest problem is having customers who commit to crimp but don t back out when something else drops £1 / tonne and they then tell you they don t want it !! Not many people out their who will buy it ( for what its worth) ad...
  2. Oscar

    How much are live turkeys worth

    Thanks @Big Eddy C
  3. Oscar

    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    Its come as a shock here that our main contractor in this area ( West Somerset) is packing in next April . The father who is now 70 wants to rightly retire properly, he has meant to slow down the last 5 years but it has nt worked but the son ( in his 30 s) has decided not to carry on with the...
  4. Oscar

    How much are live turkeys worth

    As above , my wife runs a farm school and has reared 12 Norfolk bronze turkeys ( mix stags/hens) and we were going to rear until December and then kill and dress them for Christmas however a near neighbour who rears a few geese has asked to buy 4 and he will finish them himself so have no idea...
  5. Oscar

    Spray license

    Sorry have not time to read whole thread but it looks like your Somerset based and Tetton Training ( just outside Taunton) will do your Pa instruction and testing , farmers themselves David House 07968 361946
  6. Oscar

    New combine cost

    Well I got the best of both camps I think ? Use to have a biggish rotary combine on contract hire working with another farmer and doing some contract work , 1500 acs/ yr plus any firebirgade work we picked up . Decided to quit the joint job and combine went . The contractor in the area ( who was...
  7. Oscar

    Front and back flail topper combo

    Use to have a Weaving Agrimaster 2.8 on back offset with 2.8m Kuhn on front which was a good combo. Had it on a tractor with 710 tyres so rear mower could nt get pass tyres so 4.3 m overal cut width . Only issue with the off sets is that you have a long PTO shaft to accommodate the range of...
  8. Oscar

    The "I've not started yet" thread

    I too have to leave this thread as managed to get combine here Wednesday and start my 39acs W Barley but had drizzle showers through the day although not enough to wet the road but damp . Finished it off on Thursday and despite rain only couple miles away and drizzle on the hills got it baled...
  9. Oscar

    Battery operated clippers

    Bought a Lister one 6 months ago , sold as a horse clipper but you can fit combs and cutters for sheep . Battery is on a belt and cable to hand piece. Does the job , crutched 30 lambs last week ( all I had to do)on a battery charge but it was flashing so not going to do many more . Would nt...
  10. Oscar

    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Don t think it has been said but my late dad always said If you keep livestock your going to get deadstock.
  11. Oscar

    Keep farming and contracting business seperate?

    Only thing to watch ( I m doing same as you by the way) is that as a farmer you can do 5 yr averaging of profits/ losses but not contracting so if the contracting is making money and the farm is only just breaking even say , technically (if the accountant is following the law) even if you run...
  12. Oscar

    Ash Dieback ?

    Not sure what it's called but around here on top of Ash dieback and the Larch issue we have a disease in Horse Chestnuts which are causing them to die !
  13. Oscar

    The "I've not started yet" thread

    Still waiting to do my W Barley , 42 acs . Into another 4 days of rain and storms but looking better from Monday. Should get it off mid week.
  14. Oscar

    Harvest date prediction?

    Hope to get back to W Barley tomorrow. Cut some two weeks ago in that very hot weather but none other ready however we have had frequent showers for days so the rest is now extremely fit, leaning badly and other than tomorrow and Wednesday back in to showers . Not sure we can get it all done by...
  15. Oscar

    Combine curse continues

    Oh yes make sure bolt is in linking pulley to drive , left side behind guard. Check oil level in small tank on back of header , left hand side, just in front wheel when on combine
  16. Oscar

    Combine curse continues

    Yes should be . Fit knife and there are two pipes which will be joined together , un join and those are flow and return for V knife . When you engage header , V Knife should start . Things to watch , obviously don t do anything with header going !! Turn the linkage by hand ( or bar) and apply...
  17. Oscar

    Maize 2021

    It had liquid N with pre em plus digestate pre drilling. It's quite strange as one firm beginning with A which gets slated on here are poo pooing the idea but the firm beginning with F are promoting this . ( they each have a share of the acerage , 3600 acs maize this year)
  18. Oscar

    Maize 2021

    Got a 1000acs of maize to put a late N product on, 20 ltrs / ha in 150 ltrs/ ha total . Did 100 acs a week ago at 6 ft high which was ok on big fields but not easy in 5 ac odd shaped paddocks . Luckily the rest is currently 4 ft high but with a showery week looks like next weekend before I can...
  19. Oscar

    Tough phones

    Blimey , I had not heard about Tuff phones stopping trading ! Had one for 3 years and still pleased with it .
  20. Oscar

    Straw in the swath, auction results 2021

    My local sale was keen , S Barley around £85 / ac, W Barley £130- £175 / ac and W Wheat £100 - 150 !!! However I hear the Taunton sale was even higher