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  1. Anymulewilldo

    “Intelligent” sheep dogs

    Just had all 3 of my collies out gathering store lambs. The old girl, main bitch & the pup. Now I’ve always been told that collies are very intelligent. Despite the evidence I’ve seen I still believe it! This morning the main bitch spotted a grey squirrel just as we got into the right field...
  2. Anymulewilldo

    Rolling reseeds

    Was dipping sheep last Tuesday and my neighbour nipped over and drilled 12 acre of grass seeds for me before it rained. We didn’t get too flat rolling it before it rained and it’s been too wet too get on since. Just coming dry again now. And the first seedlings are up 1/2 inch. The question is...
  3. Anymulewilldo

    Ministry Welfare Inspection

    I’ve had a call too book a Welfare inspection from the RPA. I’ve never even heard of this kind of inspection before. They want too see my medicine store, medicine records, movement records (which seems too be a generic of every kind of inspection) check the cattle all have tags and have a...
  4. Anymulewilldo

    Can Am vs Honda

    Hey up Right, as some of you may be aware hoggs are making a nice touch this time. Got a bit spare too invest in a fresh quad Always been Honda men, tried Yamaha, too thirsty. Tried Suzuki, broke too easily. Tried Polaris, the less said about that 💩 the better. Salesman is trying too sell me...
  5. Anymulewilldo

    Cattle for Leek

    12 month old 3/4 bred lim Bunch of 10-11 month old lim heifers 18-20 month old lim heifers
  6. Anymulewilldo

    Mobile Dipping man required

    Is there anyone on here who does mobile dipping in Cheshire? Cheers
  7. Anymulewilldo

    Cattle lorry Alterations

    Currently running a 22ft Bentham container, removable decks and manual ramps too deck. I really miss folding decks, removable is sort of ok but storing them in the top of the body is a PITA which is likely too result in me hurting myself before long. As is lifting the ramps up with sheep on...
  8. Anymulewilldo

    BFL tup

    Right folks. I can’t believe I’m even contemplating this but here we go. As some of you might remember I sorted 50 SBF ewes out of a batch of killers that were correct both ends. Well after another trip up north that number has grown too 112 correct blackies. I was going too put the texel on...
  9. Anymulewilldo

    New Bale Squeeze

    Got a standard squeeze for the loader tractor, the rollers over spikes kind. rollers for wrapped, spikes for hay/straw. Currently only got spikes for the telehandler. Could do with a squeeze too fit it. Seem too be more bales coming stacked on their ends nowadays and the loader with the rollers...
  10. Anymulewilldo

    Urea Poisoning in sheep

    To round of a very mixed week I've just had a big mule ewe lie down, start frothing at the mouth, blow up like a balloon, muscle tremors and loss of coordination. Dose of bicarbonate and the big needle lessened the pressure on her gut but within 2 minutes she was bigger than ever. Dead in 5...
  11. Anymulewilldo

    Sheep head yolk

    Hey up folks. I've a recurring problem with my lower back. Doesn't seem to be getting better with whichever treatment I get. I'm wondering about one of those hang in a gate head yolks for holding Hoggs still while I dag them out. Any use? Ta
  12. Anymulewilldo

    Grazing stubble with ewes

    Hey up folks. I normally graze stubble regen off with stores for a couple of arable men over the winter before it dies back in frost. I find it does blackie lambs a world of good. This time I've loads of good dairy grass to go at until Feb then turnips through to spring and stores have gone too...