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    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    No significant amount of rain in the forecast. Should we be getting concerned yet?
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    Landside Length

    How much longer is it practical to make a rear YL landside in order to help straightness, but not to affect the in and outs and pitch of the plough?
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    Bionature fertilisers

    Have any of you guys on here tried the above products. If so did you get a yield boost, and more importantly was it cost effective?
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    Virtual Ploughing Tuition

    Good Evening fellow ploughmen, I hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times. As no one seems to be posting much on here and there is no physical ploughing taking place, I thought it would be nice if some of you more experienced guys could shared some of your tips and tricks with...
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    Truck Insurance

    I need a quote for my truck insurance, as the present providers, (Walker Midegley), have jacked up the price from last year by about £120. I have been to the local NFU office to get a quote, and that was £1800 on a commercial policy. The lad said they couldn't give me a quote on the 15 year old...
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    There are lots of different patterns available for YL shares. I have used 42, 44, 57 and I think 61's. I always thought 57 were best. I have recently bought a plough with YL bodies on it. Just wondered what other people think, and what the best pattern would be for match work. Do people still...
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    Plough Eligibility

    I know the criteria for classic and vintage classes has been discussed on here many times. But I would like to know how or why a recently manufactured plough is eligible for these classes, especially classic. Examples would be a Norlinc or Wright Engineering one. Please don't think I am knocking...
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    Guidance Needed Please

    I would like to know if the steering system on a Cr 9070 combine could be used to work a steering wheel based system on a tractor. The combine uses a Trimble system through an intelliview 4 display. I know the brain and receiver can be taken out and used on a New Holland tractor that is steering...
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    TCN or YL183

    I am thinking about building a new plough. Which of the above bodies would be the best to put on it. I will be very interested to hear your opinions. I'm sure there will be for and against.
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    Are Ploughing Matches Under Threat?

    I have read on here from several contributors, about the possible demise of ploughing matches in the future. It is mainly perceived that when the older generation die out/retire that there won't be enough younger people to carry it on. However, is there a more immediate threat. Mr Gove who...
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    Earth Furrow

    Should the earth furrow be half the size of the last but one furrow, or should it be the same height as the rest of the ploughing?
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    Does anyone on here deal with Zantra? Is the advice and technical backup good? What are the deliveries like?
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    Evening all, I know that several of you use a small lorry to move your tackle about. I was just wondering what you need to run one, operators licence, MOT etc and what the likely costs might be, as I am toying with the idea of buying one. Thoughts and advice would be most welcome.
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    Cross Shaft Adjuster

    I know there are some brilliant engineers on here, so I would like to ask what is the best method of making a cross shaft adjuster and what would you recommend to make it from. Look forward to your answers because it has been very quite on here for a couple of days. Thanks Cordiale