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  1. farmerfred86

    uk going gm

    He said... and he would know after a nuffield study.... that it was just too unsafe and couldn't be controlled or used reliably. I visited America on a Camgrain trip once and saw Kernza wheat that was very impressive but not ready for market...
  2. farmerfred86

    Monitoring your in store combinable crops for temp,m/c and bugs?

    I use Robydome systems on 10kt of storage. Its very good and just what i wanted from a system that does nearly everything but still requires me to visit monthly over winter just to check all is as it should be. All wireless now which is essential for vermin issues.
  3. farmerfred86

    uk going gm

    BTD once told me there is no GM wheat commercialised anywhere in the world. I believe this is still the case.
  4. farmerfred86

    Can No-till /Regen Agric survive without glyphosate? if not we are DOOMED!! I think it can..

    lets see how germany get on in 2024. I suspect what happens there will set the standard for the rest of europe before the decade is out.
  5. farmerfred86

    Pre em for expected wild oats.

    Perfect for avadex
  6. farmerfred86

    Beet yields 2020

    a few might but not enough to keep large factories going. Didn't PX farms drop a massive tonnage this year? I think the haulage issues this year will just put more off (if beet sits roadside for many weeks) and even £30/t isn't going to be enough. There will be many like me with another year...
  7. farmerfred86

    Beet yields 2020

    Its going to be a nightmare and every lorry on beet is less on other haulage that is also struggling. I think that beet lifted in October is usually ok sat on the roadside for many weeks unless there are extremes of weather... I hope!
  8. farmerfred86

    Beet yields 2020

    Yes, next week. Haulage already a massive issue.
  9. farmerfred86

    Establishing cover crops

    I've always established mine with a disc drill but I find it difficult to use the drill during harvest with the workload. I did suspect a straw harrow might be a bit hit and miss, especially seed not covered in the first place!
  10. farmerfred86

    Lorry driver shortage

    Sugar beet harvest has started and already the warning signs are there. im not sure BS are ready for it, rates are just not enough and factories will seriously struggle. Another nail in the coffin for beet!
  11. farmerfred86

    Establishing cover crops

    I've seen a few hoppers/metering units on stubble rakes which seems a good idea. Anyone using this method? Certainly fast if not reliable...
  12. farmerfred86

    Straw raking

    I had a real problem with this last year and now worried about it again. I think the dry September weather is more of an issue than the ZT/DD system. We did rake behind winter barley which worked well because it was early and got the weather. This will now be winter wheat. I have had to change...
  13. farmerfred86

    Ergot Claims

    Thats pretty controversial. Ergot is known to make pigs abort, would you really want a low level in nationwide bread mills. What is frustrating is that every lorry load of wheat this year will have at least one bit of ergot within... its down to the sampling process as to what's found on the...
  14. farmerfred86

    Early Christmas for arable producers?

    2 things... 1) It not in the barn yet... not proving easy 2) The cost of inputs will erode margins (Glyphosate trading at double if you can find any!)
  15. farmerfred86

    Lorry driver shortage

    Its only a month until Sugarbeet season starts.... the haulage issues will last until the new year!
  16. farmerfred86

    Drying corn on aerated floor anyone?

    This is actually the strategy I have settled on after a few years and discussion with Bill Basford. Stirrers on for a day and then dry. Stir again if needed but it does take a lot of patience in our 4m stores to wait for the drying front to rise. I have actually dried in store from 28% and the...
  17. farmerfred86

    New rules on manures

    do Kalfos / fibrephos type products fall under this ban on autum spreading? “Organic manures are made from one or more animal, plant or human sources.” Presumably they do. Even the power stations will find themselves backed up with product?
  18. farmerfred86

    Price predictions for the next 12 months

    Agree with those prices. Social media tells a truer story (as it did last year). Im currently turning down £200/t harvest movement (shorts). That tells you something!
  19. farmerfred86

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Yes that's true but there must be a given figure (in a controlled trials environment) where 1 Unit/KG of N is equal to a yield figure? That figure then has to be better than the margin/wheat price until the crops yield tapers off or falls over?
  20. farmerfred86

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Its too simplistic though isn't it? Just because the wheat price rises doesn't mean we can justify increasing N use. What I really want is a tool showing the value of 1kg of N in yield. There must be a calculator?