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    Recycling isn't the answer

    there was a time before plastic? Not that many years ago, remember paper sacks that cattle feed came in? baler twine made from some sort of i think sisal? Food wrapped, sold in grease proof paper? Glass bottles, tin cans, etc etc etc , as for recycling thats not new? the difference was in the...
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    the only time anything gets a lot of attention is when a tragedy happens and life, lives are lost? terrible to say that? then all the various official bodies come out of their hiding places to makes statments? asking for a public enquirey that then gives another civil servant gets a jolley to...
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    Bag feed bin.

    i looked into it a few years ago, my thoughts were, the material must degrade over a short time, so weight of product in it becomes a safety worry? And you have to site it undercover, went for a collinson tristar snacker in the end, more than pleased?
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    i noticed that alot of farms abroad, germany and holland use block paving in their farmyards, yards? Ive never seen this in the UK on farms here, why is this, plenty of concrete used here? I put some down here last week with steel mesh in it, Dutch friends on here please comment or germans if...
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    Saving The Clydesdale Horse

    are these the same breed of horses that the budweiser beer company has to pull a traditional beer float at shows and famous superbowl adverts? Any of our american friends please id like you to comment?
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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Criminals ? the cost of keeping them? more than staying in a top london hotel? The sheer cost of keeping them, dare i say many many foreign crimminals that come to the UK for the rich pickings ? and if caught and convicted the easy life they get? many now are controlling the prisons, fact ? Its...
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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    the poor countries have large families, lots of people, young ? looking for work, no welfare state? or money for nothing? A bit like our country was in victorian times? Whats now killing the west is the welfare burden, cost of it all?
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    Interest Rates Predicted To Rise Very Soon

    we have gone from a saver mentality to a spend what you havent got? in a couple of generations , example back in the dark but golden years of the 1960s-70s, me like most of my generation started saving from childhood, post office savings account, remember them? to teenage years working part...
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    Interest Rates Predicted To Rise Very Soon

    i used to think that, bring industries home? start making more here, now its not so cheap to import stuff halfway round the world? only trouble i can see, and a very big one at that? is where are all the home grown workers to be found to work in these factories , if we cant fill the massive...
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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Europe has always been more rural and had, have a history of many small farms, Hence the EU and CAP, which french farmers, fishermen have far far more influence power than the UK ones had or ever will?
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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    even if you went back, like has been sugested and started growing vegetables again in a small way? the public have moved on? pick your own boomed in the 1970s, but now most people as someone also mentioned on here, even if you put a big pile of vegetables and a sign frree? wouldnt bother with...
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    DEFRA consultation on on approach to beaver reintroduction and management in England

    the population if taught at school as i was, would know that the uks history and mans management of the countryside has gone on here for thousands of years? we are not living in some so called untamed wilderness, like alaska ? But what the hell is taught today of the UKs great history?
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    fertilizer crisis

    every UK govt since the war has raked through the UKs assets selling off what they can? borrowing has gone through the roof, whats the interest payments on this?
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    Any one bought one recently, last one i bought 20 odd years ago was a draper expert model on wheels, pleased with the quality after looking at the offerings from halfords at the time? Has a rubber type top sheet and rubber draw linings, this was 20 odd years ago, choice now is bewildering to say...
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    Jeremy Clarkson's Sunday Times Magazine "Farming" article

    same as making toys, that were made in chinia? Toy importer seller was saying that a 40ft container has gone from £3000 shipping cost, shanghi to felixstowe, to £18,000 , now it dosnt look so cheap to get things made in chinia, as the TV programme dragons den used to preach?
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    Ask yourself why so many small farmers have packed up the struggle? livestock farming has always been hard work? but the last 30 years, with had BSE, foot and mouth, TB testing, marts closing a gradual loss of all the support businesses, hobby alpaca farmers, goodlifers have grown, many had no...
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    big businesse was alright up to very recently? just like the premiership football clubs, eg, man united, west ham, etc were owned by local bussiness men, so were the department stores large factories in most towns? Now in a generation all thats changed most if not all the premier ship football...
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    the black, cash economy is booming? well round here ? everytime any GOVT brings out new rules and regulations, etc, know well intended, more people join it ? A dual type society has grown up here in the UK in recent years, my area, which is the southeast near london, on one hand many areas have...
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    Foot and Mouth Crisis 20 years ago on BBC1 Wales

    how many since have packed up livestock, cattle, milking cows a lot ?
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    official figures state that at August 2021 UK unemployment stood at 2.04 million, id like to know a bit more like how many have been unemployed for more than say 2 years ? and different regions and countries such as wales, northern ireland and scotland ?