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  1. Deere342

    Ransomes 51 Marquis cylinder mower

    Ransomes 51 Marquis cylinder mower for sale. Used to use it to keep the lawn looking incredibly tidy and short. Has a new fuel tank, runs well. Started this morning in a couple of pulls after being fuelled. Not been started for a while but mowed ok. £150 buyer collects, its large and heavy!
  2. Deere342

    Deutz Fahr KM22 - parts donor

    Good afternoon, After many years of service my rather old KM22 parted with a drum yesterday morning. Is there any value in any of it for parts or is it all heading straight to the scrap man? I have decided that repairing it probably isn't going to be cost effective, as it had a fault before...
  3. Deere342

    John Deere JS63 mulching mower

    Secondhand John Deere JS63 mulching mower. In good condition, starts first pull of the cord. No longer used as we now collect the grass clippings, so I have decided to sell it. Has a homemade fix on the self propelled cable, these seem to be the weak point of the machine. £150 Thank you
  4. Deere342

    Slurry tanker small pipe fitting

    We have an old slurry tanker with a spare 6" opening blanked off. We are think of using it as a large mobile water tanker for watering a nursery. Looking at this NC tanker there is a smaller fitting to the right at the rear. What is this called? Who sells them? Struggling to find such a...
  5. Deere342

    SG2 Electrics - Hazard warning constantly flashing

    Hi, With the hazard warning switch in place, the flasher unit is constantly ticking, but the indicators don't flash. I can replicate by removing the hazard warning switch and putting a piece of wire across 15 to 45. This is technically off, but allows the circuit to operate i.e. lets you use...
  6. Deere342

    John Deere 545 round baler using too much string.

    Hello, Does anyone know how you adjust the amount of string the baler puts on a bale? It seems to be putting on far too much string at each side. For comparison it used a new pack (2 reels) on 20 bales. Thank you
  7. Deere342

    John Deere 342 parts - Knotter frame

    Does anyone know of any UK based baler breakers? One of my knotter frames broke apart yesterday while I was looking at a knotting issue. A new replacement from John Deere is rather expensive, I could get a pattern one from Woodfields which are significantly cheaper. Looking at the weather, may...
  8. Deere342

    John Deere 342 baler bent needle

    Tonight my John Deere 342 bent one needle back on itself under the baler ram. Why or how did only one needle manage to get bent? I would have thought that if the timing had gone wrong both would have got bent. Removed the bent needle and finished by tying off the last ones by hand as the other...
  9. Deere342

    Benefits of Spring tine harrows (grass harrows) verses dragged chain harrows

    Hello, I have a set of 8ft chain harrows which you drag on a chain behind the tractor. These work ok but they are forever building up a large amount of trash when used. I have looked at secondhand spring tine harrows as an alternative, one of the benefits I see is being able to pick them up at...
  10. Deere342

    Ransomes C-85 Subsoiler disc

    Is the disc in front of the Subsoiler leg meant to have any movement/swing on its axis? Just wondering if it should or not, it's in line with the leg so if it should but is seized it won't be an issue.
  11. Deere342

    FAO Dave W!

    The sprayer part I was babbling about
  12. Deere342

    Frit Fly, Leatherjacket sprays

    Hello, What products are available to control the above pests now that Dursban has been banned. Thank you.
  13. Deere342

    Howard Rotavator slip clutch

    Hi, what is the best solution here? The studs are rather rusty and the plate does not want to move much. Do I continue hitting it with a hammer? Don't want to damage anything in the gearbox. Or something to prize between the two outer plates?
  14. Deere342

    John Deere 2140 Fuel Gauge now always full!

    The fuel gauge on my John Deere 2140 has taken to reading full to the brim recently. Is this going to be a bad earth? Worn through wiring somewhere? Has always worked well until recently.
  15. Deere342

    Rotavator 90 inches

    Hello, Does anyone still run or used to run a 90 inch rotavator? If so what size (up) tractor was on the front? Would an old John Deere 2140 stand a chance of powering it? Standens documentation states up to 90 hp at the PTO for the 90 Powervater. Looking for one for small area grassland...
  16. Deere342

    Late season pasture topping

    Does anyone top grassland at this time of year to reduce the amount of grass going into the winter? I am asking as I only make hay once in the year usually July or August time so now the land has quite a bit of regrowth on it. I was wondering whether there would be any benefit to mulching it...
  17. Deere342

    Fertilizer rate for hay meadows

    I am thinking about applying some Fertilizer to our hay meadows as nothing has been put 'back in' for quite a few years. What would be a good rate to apply kgs/acre. I am also thinking I would be better of with some thing like 20-10-10 rather than straight nitrogen. Thanks.
  18. Deere342

    Secondhand fertilizer spreaders

    Having made hay for the last few years on our meadows I have the feeling that the land ought to have something put back in. So I am looking at an older fertilizer spreader to put something like 20-10-10 on. I have seen a Teagle XT 22 relatively close by on ebay and an Amazon ZAU 1501. I know...