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  1. Goldilocks

    Reduction in N use as the fifth pillar of Regen. Ag. ?

    Most people seemed to have agreed that Regen. Ag. is underpinned by four main pillars : -No -till, -Continuous soil cover via cover cropping etc, -Building diversity through wide rotations ,companion cropping etc, -livestock integration. How about adding a fifth pillar of aiming to reduce...
  2. Goldilocks

    Alleopathic effect on following spring barley crops after multi species cover crops containing oats ?

    Am aware of alleopathic effects of oats but hoped that using spring oats in our multi species cover crops would not cause too many issues with emergence of following spring barley crops ( compared with using 100 % oat cover crops for example ) Had only approx. 50% emergence with spring barley...
  3. Goldilocks

    Yield losses using Terpal in Barley

    Historically have used high N inputs and comprehensive growth regulator programmes in winter Barley , targeting 10 t/ha malting barley crops. In last few seasons gut feel is that i am getting significant yield hits from the last terpal application ( last couple of seasons has coincided with hot...
  4. Goldilocks

    Dale drill in ungrazed cover crops

    Just wondering if any users can comment on how well the dale drill will handle ungrazed cover crops, either with or without the disc kit?
  5. Goldilocks

    Problems with 7.5% biodiesel inclusion in red diesel

    Have had a fuel drop last week and am struggling like mad to get it out of the tank at a sensible flowrate. Apparently biodiesel inclusion rate has gone up from 5% to 7.5% since the start of October. It is an absolute nightmare . New filters are only lasting one day . Am trying to source a...
  6. Goldilocks

    Hydraulic oil change intervals

    Have always been very on top of hydraulic oil change intervals ( often shorten change periods on machines to ensure long service life of components ) Always use best quality 46 grade oil even if machine spec. is for lower quality. Always assumed over time oil gradually breaks down ,especially if...
  7. Goldilocks

    Clover Understorey Trial

    In Conjunction with Marek Nowakowski and Richard Pywell from CEH we are going to trial a field with a clover understorey and see how long we can maintain this through the rotation. I appreciate that this is not a new concept and has been tried by numerous individuals and organizations over the...
  8. Goldilocks

    Chopped straw incorporation as a catalyst to kick start soil biology

    ( Not sure this thread is in the right place , I tend to see the Direct drilling section as the sustainable /conservation ag section rather than pure direct drilling ) Just wanted to share my thoughts on shallow straw incorporation to see what people think. I think it is fair to say that...
  9. Goldilocks

    Best Weedwiper ?

    Grappling with False Barley grass spreading all over the farm and concluded that the only way to get rid of it is to try wiping it with glyphosate. Has anyone got a view on the best weedwiper to buy? Like the look of the C-Dax eliminator with wings which has a half sensible working width. Anyone...
  10. Goldilocks


    Have thought up a new environmentally friendly farming system ,similar to Agroforestry but using hedges instead of trees. Plant lines of hedges in arable fields parallel to the tramlines and single or multiple tramline widths apart. E.g. In my 30m tramline system hedges would start and...
  11. Goldilocks

    Glyphosate again!! ( Sorry ! )

    At the risk of being boring just wanted to re-visit the argument for voluntary withdrawal of pre-Harvest use. I know we are all lobbying everyone to argue that the chemical is safe and should be re-registered but I fear that the head of steam building up supporting the fact that the general...
  12. Goldilocks

    Carbon Farming Trials

    The Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit ( FCCT ) have just started a crowdfunding appeal to help fund trials to help measure and quantify benefits of carbon friendly farming systems. Worth a look on their website.
  13. Goldilocks

    How much of the past few decades yield increases can we take credit for?

    Just chillaxing on a Sunday evening with a glass of wine and got to thinking that last 3 or 4 decades of yield improvements probably caused as much by increased atmospheric CO2 levels and the borrowing of fertility from the future through the wholesale oxidation of soil organic matter as by our...
  14. Goldilocks

    Glyphosate on Amazon

    May be a bit behind the times here but just realised that anyone can buy professional grade glyphosate 360 etc in up to 20l drums ,same as we use on farm. Apparently it gets delivered by normal couriers! Makes a mockery of all the hoops we have to jump through to use chemicals on farm...
  15. Goldilocks

    Snails ( and slugs ) again !!!

    Have been overrun here this year with the pesky varmints . The population , particularly snails, has exploded presumably due to mild winter last year, wet spring and our ever increasing levels of surface organic matter combined with little or no cultivations providing them with a perfect home...
  16. Goldilocks

    Pre - Harvest 2016 i had an exciting Fantasy....

    That no straw would ever leave the farm again and we would have maximum carbon return to the soil across the whole farm ( Historically have only sold Winter Barley straw before OSR , rest of crops all chopped ) Now turned into a nightmare :( .......Slug fest. Full rate metaldehyde + 6kg/Ha...
  17. Goldilocks

    Should we voluntarily lose glyphosate as a pre harvest desicant in food crops

    This whole glyphosate fiasco is starting to get really scary now. Accepting the fact that those in charge of decision making are not necessarily acting logically ,shouldn't we be pressing to voluntarily give up its use as a harvest aid for food crops in order to preserve it as a herbicide?
  18. Goldilocks

    interesting soil article?
  19. Goldilocks

    Chopping Linseed straw

    Want to bring linseed back into the rotation after many years of not growing it. Question is, will it chop well enough to follow with a tine drill with little or no pre-drilling cultivations? ( I don't really want to burn the straw )
  20. Goldilocks

    Admixing slug pellets with OSR seed

    After my fiasco with slugs grazing down drill rows last year and not coming up for surface applied pellets am going to admix with seed this year. Have not done this before and was wondering if any particular brand/type of pellet works best ( worried about possible settling out of fractions...