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    New starter retailer recommendation

    Need a Kubota RX 502 (Jap) starter, best firm? Located Hants
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    Heavy steering Case 585?

    Case 585 has pas but heavy steering, hydraulics seem fine, plenty of oil, anything common fail on these?
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    Talk me out of a new Hilux

    So after having looked at a few neglected sh!t heaps and having got 17 years service from a td5 Disco, I’ve priced up a basic new Hilux. After discounts it comes around £21k which I thought was cheap, which if I get 20 years service is even better. Are these trucks the most durable on the...
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    Secondhand Toyota Landcruiser buying.

    Been looking at Landcruisers to replace a TD5 Disco who’s chassis is having to be welded up again. Swayed towards a 100 series 4.2 diesel owing to its higher 3.5 ton towing capacity, are these a good buy and is there anything to be careful of, mindful these are now approaching 20 years old?
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    Anybody making silage yet?

    As above, been a long winter glad to be making silage as we’re almost completely out after last years dry summer in Hampshire, anybody else on it?
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    Bull Viagra

    So two youngish bulls here are getting a bit worn out, I give the lads extra cake but they’re not exactly on it! Vet says there’s no such thing as viagra for cattle, but just did a google search and it appears that the Mexicans have such a product as a chap took some for a hot date with a 30...
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    MF240 useless hydraulics when cold

    Our little scrapper tractor struggles to lift the scrapper when cold, if I rev the tits off her she’ll just about do it! If I run her up the road, she’s fine, thinking blocked filter, has 10/40w engine oil, last changed about 2 years ago??
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    JD 6430 fuel filters

    May sound like a bit of a strange one, but our JD6430 which we bought second hand seems to have the wrong fuel filters, the secondary one turns out from cross referencing on the net is a 30 micron filter when it should be a 2 micron one, and is the primary one off of a 6930! The six cylinders...
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    Hire Bulls: what it should cost.

    Hoping someone can help on this one. Not having hired in a bull before what should it cost? Need two for around six weeks to assist our bull seeing to 130 sucklers.
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    Availability of Magnesium in FYM?

    Updating an RB209 here, section 3, P18 states if Mg is an indices 0 or 1 to top up with 50-100 kg/Ha MgO, referring back to p17 of section 2 it does not give the availability in FYM like it does p and k, does anybody know a commonly accepted/agreed percentage figure?
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    Suckler Herd Records (Excel)

    Taking over more of the cattle management from my mother who can't keep up with the number of calves being born these days! I've got around 130 sucklers and want to record age, calvings etc and then compute on and off records. I've started by logging into BCMS for the first time, downloading...
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    JD 6430 snappy shuttle

    Our 11,000 hr JD 6430 has developed a very snappy shuttle to the point that you have to use the clutch to save your neck and the clutch is very juddery . I had the dealer do a transmission calibration which did help the splitters and the shuttle a little, but still not happy with it. Any thoughts?
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    JD autoquad transmission wear

    Our old 6420, now approaching 18k hrs is starting to feel seriously worn in the transmission, when going between splitters getting a noticeable knock/bang and when braking, which I think is the 4wd as when we’ve taken off the front prop for baling in heavy crop it doesn’t do it. Are there any...
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    Grain trailer brake shoe source?

    Need brake shoes and replacement actuation rams for a 14 ton grain trailer here. Any recommendations for a source?
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    Livestock trailer floor thickness

    Going to replace an old ifor livestock trailer floor that is u/s, common practice seems to be to use ply/board and then ali check plate on top. Although I am sure this is cheaper, I was thinking of ditching the board and just having having straight ali check plate say 6mm or 4.5mm thick...
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    J D Power Beyond Retrofit

    Have JD 6430 Premium with three electric spools, looking to retrofit power beyond to save overheating back end. It looks almost too easy - online it looks as though one simply unbolts a cover and bolt housing AL206034 onto spool block. Has anybody done this before?
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    Replacement for LR D2

    So after having been stranded yet again by another failed injector loom harness, last one did 10,000 miles and another failed airspring (managed around 30k miles) and a weak chassis (repaired) I am contemplating replacing said farm truck owned from new. Budget is £6k plus whatever in px for...
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    AR4 (Annovi Reverberi) pump spares source

    As above need parts on an old Lely sprayer anyone found a decent source? I imagine Lely if they were able would just add their margin on the 3rd party parts.....
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    Repainting jd wheels

    Wanting to respray the wheels on our oldest tractor, mainly faded, but the insides are a bit rusty, what’s the best approach? Was thinking of light sand down on Thad good solid paint and the rust and then base coat the rusty bits a couple of times and then respray in jd yellow.
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    Why aren’t tractors becoming more economical?

    So after years of development, cars becoming more and more economical, why aren’t the tractors we buy? From experience a JD6130r on demo was burning about 2litres more per hour just rowing up hay than an old 6430 with 10,000 hrs on it! Only major advance was how quiet it was.