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    accord drill markers

    fgs box not moving on when lifting markers any suggestions
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    kuhn power harrow

    does anyone turn tines on kuhn power harrow for going into stubble
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    Rowcrop wheels to fit NH T7 Tractor. 460/85R42 & 380/85R30

    does anyone know if these would fit a maxxum 140
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    lely calf machine

    has anyone got a lely calf machine on here just trying to find some settings for it
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    trimble easy pilot

    has anyone a rough guide price what a easy pilot system would cost
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    in fill in field

    Is it possible to fill a area in which has a dip in the field with soil. what licence do you need
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    grass harrowing

    any one using any thing different than grass harrows for grass
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    Gates in bull beef shed

    Going to make some 16 foot gates for dividing pens any suggestions on size on steel and how to join them in middle without putting a centre pole into the ground. Also whats best way to do the hinges.
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    rear camera

    Has anyone tried the cameras off amazon
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    Forklift brush

    Anyone tried these
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    Pin and cone headstock

    Any idea what this would be worth,strimech headstock to fit bobcat, Massey telehandler
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    stick welder

    what inverter stick to buy, something that works but not a fortune, just general repairs on farm
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    Home and dry

    Does home and dry wheat give cows bad feet
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    tyre sizes

    anyone know if you can change wheels on a maxum from 600/65 /38 to something bigger
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    battery grease gun

    I know this will have been on here, but i was wondering which model of the milwaukee grease gun to buy because i have read that there is a one that has two speeds.
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    Person for weekends

    Anyone looking for weekend work on a dairy farm near Carlisle? Milking or general feeding PM me Thanks
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    Bale grab

    Any bale grabs for sale for big square bales preferably with pin and cone brackets
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    De Laval

    Does anyone have a de laval parlour with mm27 meters and know how to set up the conductivity on the computer?
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    open top tanker

    was looking at this on ebay but is now sold, has this company stopped making these now i think it a latham its the type of thing i was looking for.
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    temporary calf hosing

    Looking for ideas for calf housing, quick and temporary/permanent.