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  1. J

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Frontier £690 today for Yara bela extran and £650 for Lithan or equivalent imported. ASN also £690. 😂
  2. J

    Horsch pronto

    Is it picking up speed signal?
  3. J

    Managing Flat 8's as efficiently as possible

    Best thing I've seen is a squeezy 56 trailer modified to go on front of teleporter! Stacks dropped in yard then re handled into shed in 56 blocks quite impressive!
  4. J

    Sprayer diaphragms,

    I always blip pto in and out few times when not been used for while rather than flat out straight away when everything is dry. Antifreeze in over winter as well helps I think.
  5. J

    Sprayer diaphragms,

    What speed do you run the pump at? I only run our JD 732 pump around 400 rpm as that's more than enough.
  6. J

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    What product?
  7. J

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    And the linings fall out into spreader! But good product.
  8. J

    NH T7 Cross shaft leak

    Wouldn't worry our 7030 leaks like a sieve even after having new shaft seals and bushes. Common problem.
  9. J

    Accord air drill

    You will find out if it blocks! Reckon it will be OK, our Lely accord seems to cope if tractor rpm drops quite low on heavy patches if on a small tractor.
  10. J

    CF Fertilisers

    Boycie died today......
  11. J

    Is John Deere Plus-50 oil worth it

    I use the plus 50 in our 6410. It's done nearly 10,000 hours not touched so I would say it's good oil!
  12. J

    Are Red back boots worth the money?

    Blundstone are better
  13. J

    New Holland T7030 lower link sensing pin removal

    Still won't budge ..
  14. J

    New Holland T7030 lower link sensing pin removal

    Removed wire now
  15. J

    New Holland T7030 lower link sensing pin removal

    Trying to remove lower link sensing pin to repair lift arm end where the ball is, as it is breaking up. I bodged it in past on the tractor but it needs to be removed to weld up properly now. I have removed two allen screws should the pin come out now? Do I need to remove circlip holding sensing...
  16. J

    Optimum to sow rape

    It looks to work! Do you set drill coulters between stubble by eye then set the A B line?
  17. J

    Optimum to sow rape

    How do you drill it so accurately between the lines of stubble?
  18. J

    Will high fertiliser prices change you’re cropping plan.

    Hybrid Rye instead of Winter Barley, and only one field 2nd wheat on the best field on farm.