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    30,000 acres per year for trees 2024.

    What is worse, they will refuse permission to plant AONB or National Parks. I had some low value rough land steep, coverd in bracken and gorse which I put forward to plant under small woodland scheem Glastir. I was refused. I checked, and found that National Resources Wales identified those...
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    Grass Big Bales and Kale outwintering

    I'm thinking of keeping a small suckler herd out until Christmas to save on slurry storage! I have seen ppl place bales out in the field of kale ready for the winter. What balance of kale to silage do you recommend?
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    diy steel frame building

    Thinking of diy steel frame building just buying the girders bolting on cleats using a mag drill. Can you get the 15dgree angle cleats for the span and ridge ?
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    All Wales NVZ

    Two maps. One showing the pollution from annual Sewerage storm and the second showing 10 yr agricultural pollution. Much easier to kick farmers , than improve sewerage and ask voters to pay for those improvements.
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    Cultivator seeder.

    I have a 150hp tractor. Grass farm. Reeseding stony ground. Thinking of buying a mintill cultivator to do grass reseeding. Might do some local contracting work , kale, forage rape etc. What are ppl experiences? Should I buy a plough and power harrow? Or should I buy the heavy cultivator with...
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    Drum brakes on IH 584

    Yes there is a speedometer.
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    Drum brakes on IH 584

    I have purchased IH 584 , it has DRUM BRAKES. Any one has experience of this? It might have been an industrial model? Brakes work fine, but intetested to know have any one else seen one with this type of dry brakes?
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    I'm thinking of crossing my simmental suckler cows. What breed crosess well to produce high grade animals at 18 to 24 months?
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    Silage Grab

    I have a Slewtic silage grab. Front serrated blade is finished. However side blades are fine and hydraulic rams etc. Firm stopped trading. I hate spending for a new grab, if I could weld on a new front blade. Where can I get a blade that is suitable?
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    Direct Drilling

    It's dry on the Llyn peninsula. Should I direct drill my stubble turnips now or delay for a week?
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    UK going back to work

    Too late locking down. Too soon un-locking. .
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    Reseeding very old ley. Tyfon pioneer crop

    Redstart Hybrid ? I want it grazed by 2 week of August.
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    Reseeding very old ley. Tyfon pioneer crop

    Thanks. I Thought Tyfon was the fastest growing and it could be grazed quickly over a month July/August, the main use is to make sure I kill off the old sod and the grass clover ley would really get a good start. But I am willing to think all ideas.
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    Reseeding very old ley. Tyfon pioneer crop

    I'm thinking of sowing Tyfon in the next two weeks, Early May. Land 10 acres sprayed next week and direct drilled with tyfon. In early August , would rotorvate and sow grass and clover seeds. Lime and PK would be applied now for the Tyfon. Any advice?
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    Recomend me a lamb weigh crate

    I place a Dog weighing electronic platfrom in the race, with a backing gate. Works fine cost me £250.
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    Simplest sheep EID tag reader and thermal printer

    You can get chinense reader for £200 reads the RFID but the software for that to be coverted to UK tag number is the prob. I had a grant to buy Shearwell stick reader, bough a cheap thermal printer off e-bay for £50 works fine and with the app Stock Move Express (that is free for those who are...
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    Wellies for wide feet

    I suffer from having a high arch , wide feet and need to wear orthotic inserts . All wellies I have worn are too narrow unless I go 2 size bigger , and then they are cumbersome. Which makes have others who suffer the same problem found to be the best?
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    Nipple drinkers, Cattle

    Bought the nipple drinkers. Best thing I ever did. Leart to use straight away. Clean water always available. Ideal for slatted shed.
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    Logging tree

    Thanks for your replies. A friend cut it down, but would not say how much he wanted, so now I have a fair idea how much cash to give him!
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    Logging tree

    I have an ash tree that needs to come down. How much should it cost me to get someone qualified to cut it down, logs and rings?