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    Why won’t Brits pick vegetables for £30 an hour?

    Headlines like this are used to pressure government into giving visas i know several people who applied for jobs and were never even given interview
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    British friesian bulls

    Did you look at the cogent bulls they nearly all have glenalbyn in there pedigree.
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    The hoof GP

    I think hes a a good ambasador for farming and paints a good picture to non farmers hes a likeable character.But as a farmer he talks some pure rubbish the last time i watched him he said he loved hoof trimming going around hoof trimming has to be the worst job ever some of the kips a trimmer...
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    Zero grazing.

    Ive always found silage after august to be useless would u find zero grazed grass better
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    Infertile tups

    Ive never found charollais to be badly effected by overfeeding i think there high growth rate there able to handle it.Texel and beltex are a different story death in first winter is usually guaranteed
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    Infertile tups

    What usually happens is people do cop on and stop buying from these breeders then you see a dispersal sale when there getting hard to sell rams at big money
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    To cross of go pure?

    Mont Monty holstein is the only dairy cross apart from holstein british friesian that people have used for a long time and are pleased with them i see them more of a high input cow which requires feeding
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    Auto scrapers onto slat mats.

    Would the cows not lie on the mats
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    The hoof GP

    Just look through some holstein dispersal catalouges and the amount of cows with parentage lasting 1 or 2 lactation is crazy
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    Dairy Herdsmen expected salary

    100 percent return on investment my small sheep enterprise returns each year.Cant think of any farm enterprise which generates the same percentage return.As for house being supplied with job theres good reason farmer want some around farm 24/7 simple as and the house should be free cus most farm...
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    Machinery diesel steel all going up its a perfect recipe for a recession
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    Milk collection Galway

    Not much and cost a fortUne dairy ratiom organic its dear enough already
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    Extracting Milk from Receiving Jar with NO Milk Pump

    Had two double diapghram on a twenty unit where i worked
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    The Beltex is supreme.

    The key to keeping beltex rams alive is to not let them get fat.some should never be sold for breeding due to short necks
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    Milk collection Galway

    Even better idea go work for a farmer guarnteed time off which u wont have with your own farm and rent your farm out.The money u intend investing in parlour infastructure buy a buy to let.
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    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    I realise that but look at bull gallivant lic bull im not saying im right but he looks a decent bull theres also bulls there like oasis ,flint they have good proofs
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    Jersey Thread - For all things Jersey

    Any proof of this on the nz proofs a bull like connact is minus 0.9 for stature minus 40kg liveweight minus 900 ltrs lic have bull better than this ive only used small numbers of lic none milking yet so none to compare
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    Tanker drivers

    The world is heading for a world wide major recession mark my words.During covid money was printed so it is loosing its value everything has sky rocketed.
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    Tanker drivers

    Marketing board for milk if it was properly run wud be a great idea.But look at the wool board it costs as much to run the board as wool is worth
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    Early calving

    Check the gestation length of the bulls u used and also the sires of your cows some bulls ive used were all 10 to 14 days before due date