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  1. JDJ

    John Deere autopower olie temperature

    My recently purchased John Deere 7920 shows high temperature for the transmission olie when doing road work with heavy loads. Yesterday when moving some grain with my hook lift trailer ( 35 tons total weight) it showed +80 ' c. this is my first autopower tractor so haven't got a clue if it's...
  2. JDJ

    Demo Kuhn Aurock

    This thread is manly just for information, but it would be great to hear comments and opinions on the machine. During the last days of our spring barley drilling an old friend now working at the Danish Kuhn import called me and asked if I was interested in trying their new model of a No till...
  3. JDJ

    John deere Clima trac failure

    My good old 7530 is having trouble with the climate control. I have replaced the valve under the seat ( complete kit, with valve, wiring, bracket etc.) But it's still not working properly. Sometimes it's working properly for 2 hour's and then suddenly it will get really hot. Fault codes...
  4. JDJ

    uneven ripening beans

    Had a little of this last year but this year it's even more, in some part of the field it's probably 20% green plants. They had 1920 grams of glyphosat 12 days ago. Anyone else has this, and what can I do next year to make it more even? /Jacob
  5. JDJ

    John deere 2630 fault

    My 2630 screen has gone mad, it started to react slowly but then it suddenly worked fine again. Then it started to press buttons on its own, and now the touch isn't working at all. If I navigate in to the test menu by the bottons on the back, it shows the black and white circle in the bottom...
  6. JDJ

    Small seed drill box on Horsch Sprinter

    I have a nice (and expensive) APV small seed drill box sitting on the back of my Strom harrow, don't use it anymore so want to move it to the sprinter and use it for grass seed. It would be ideal to fit the box on the back over the wheels, but it also needs to clear the following harrow and...
  7. JDJ

    Variable seed rate on Horsch / Müller computer

    Anyone knows if its possible? Dealer says its not possible, but would sell me a conversion to isobus. the gps unit is a JD 2630 in diagnose 3 : mhx-version 8.43 iop-version 2.24 label on back : HW 5.11 SW 3.17 Thanks, Jacob.
  8. JDJ

    Air Drill "seed pipes vents"

    Locking to buy some of these things, but can figure out how the manufacturer is. Could proberly get then from Claydon or Amazone but would like to know how makes them. Thanks.. Jacob.
  9. JDJ

    Jd 2630 data to 2600

    Can it be done? I have all field boundaries and ab lines, ab curves and implements, etc on the 2630 screen. Bought a second hand 2600 screen and I could be neat to have all this on the 2600. Maby someone can guide me? Jacob.
  10. JDJ

    Herbicides on dd osr.

    I have drilled oil seed rape today, in the wheat stubbel and lots of straw. The gen 400 on the old co4 did a Ok job and has placed the rape seeds and fertiliser in clean soil below the straw.. The big question is now if i will get any positive effect from applying command and Stomp (clomazon...
  11. JDJ

    Horsch Co4 with granulated fertilizer

    Had been missing the opportunity to place fertilizer especially when drilling spring barley. For 3 or 4 years we mixed seed and fert but it took a lot af time and often i was a problem to get the seed rate high enough. Quoted the danish Horsch dealer for a 4 meter Sprinter with fert but the...