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  1. DrDunc

    NMEA into isobus terminal

    Help please, I'm out of my depth! I'd like to try out the parallel guidance on the isobus terminal that I've inherited with a baler. The screen is a rauch CCI800, which has 50 hours free evaluation time. What I don't know is how to connect the NMEA signal from my existing GPS antenna into the...
  2. DrDunc

    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Which baler to replace a variable chamber Krone? McHale roller makes best shaped bales of grass, Kuhn belt best for swallowing dry stuff (and presumably straw), but bales of second cut sag before wrapping (or I didn't set the density correct on the demo). What are the McHale V6 like for making...
  3. DrDunc

    Axla pickup hitch latching hooks

    Anyone know where I could source latching hooks for an axla pickup hitch, they should look like these? The ones on my k series Deutz are getting worn to the somewhat alarming stage 😱 Think the same hitch was fitted to 50 series Deere, and the mental 5 cylinder fiats.....
  4. DrDunc

    Improving ROUGH rough grazing

    I've 20 acres that has been limed and worked more than a couple of years ago, but really could do with a sprinkle of more modern grass seed varieties However it's too rough just to spray off and slot seed, and it's too little soil over too many stones to plough (it was ploughed in 1968, single...
  5. DrDunc

    Concrete roller screed next to shed wall

    I've a 30 foot wide shed with block walling either side that I'm wanting to pour concrete over the earth floor. Any tips on the easiest way would be greatly appreciated! In the past I'd shutter a foot wide strip against each wall, then the next day use these strips as the guide for one side of...
  6. DrDunc

    Bluetooth receiver with external antenna input?

    Anyone know of a Bluetooth receiver that you can plug in an external antenna instead of it using its own internal antenna? Looking to connect a receiver to an Android tablet via Bluetooth, and have the satellite signal from a good high gain roof mounted dome antenna instead of the standard wee...
  7. DrDunc


    Savilles, who act for my laird, have taken to emailing the rent notice with the subject heading of "demands". This seems a somewhat confrontational and abrupt way of asking for the money we tenants pay for the pleasure of using the laird's land. Is demands the normal wording for anyone else?
  8. DrDunc

    Haylage bale additive? Convince me....

    So what are the forage analysis benefits of buying an additive applicator for the baler? How long to recover the outlay through improved feeding (assuming it does more than just make the bales smell nice when opened).
  9. DrDunc

    Vegan animal sanctuary

    Now this really boils my pish Vegans have bought a local house with ten acres of boggy scrub attached, and set up a "sanctuary". They've very successfully raised money by "crowd funding" for fencing and materials. Now they're looking for volunteers to look after the animals they've "saved"...
  10. DrDunc

    Where the hell are the grease nipples?

    Bought this gorgeous 19 year old dump trailer and collected it last night Buggered if I can find where to grease the rocker axles! Feeling a bit silly for having to ask, but nevertheless, anyone able to explain where to get to the nipples for the shafts? 😳
  11. DrDunc

    Concrete panel cleats

    Where's the best place get a dozen panel cleats / fish plates like these? I bought some panels cheap, but they didn't come with anything to fix them to the uprights.... 😭
  12. DrDunc

    Bale unroller

    Will the likes of a hustler bale unroller manage solid centre chopped haylage? I currently feed them out with a McHale straw blower, but after all the years of bedding and 10,000 ish bales of haylage, it's starting to show it's age. Will an unroller be slower feeding out a bale? It's a bit...
  13. DrDunc

    Quicke Q companion weighing device

    Anyone got one of the quicke weighing screens, the Q companion? I was thinking it would make it easier and more efficient to know how much baled silage to feed cattle and sheep through the winter. Also knowing the weight is dung would make nutrient budgeting a bit less guesswork. However, the...
  14. DrDunc

    Painting tractor wheels

    Remove and spray when laying flat? Mask the tyre, spray in position, and to hell with runs? Who's done what to tart up their wheels?
  15. DrDunc

    Outback s-lite puck antenna

    I have a class branded outback s-lite lightbar with a puck antenna like this... The antenna signal strength has recently all but disappeared. It flicks between ready and warning up while it finds an SBAS correction signal, drops out frequently, and the AB line drifts horrendously It was...
  16. DrDunc

    Baler chain oiler

    Help please! I can't get the chain oiler on my Krone comprima to work There's no blockages, the filters are clean, and the brushes have been renewed When you take the grub screw out of the manifold block on the right hand side, how much oil should be pulsing out? On mine it's just visible...
  17. DrDunc

    Valtra implement signal connector help please!!!!

    I need the 7 pin implement signal connector socket in my Valtra N134D, but it doesn't have one ? Does anyone know if there's somewhere to plug and play a cable so that I can put in a 7 pin ISO11786 socket? It's to provide a ground speed, and arm position signal to an einbock seeder control...
  18. DrDunc

    Kuhn RW1810 bale wrapper

    Who's using one? Who's tried one and didn't like it? Is the 3D wrapping system really that much better, and how much does it slow things down Opinions please......
  19. DrDunc

    Muck grab for loader tractor

    Currently have an X form (cherry products) 6 foot 6 wide, but wondering if my loader will cope with something a bit bigger, and if so, what? Can't find anyone who makes anything bigger for a loader tractor. Keep looking at telehandler ones, but maybe they're too big for a loader tractor...
  20. DrDunc

    Another nail in live exports coffin?

    BBC News - Queen Hind cargo ship carrying 14,000 sheep overturns off Romania