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  1. DrDunc

    Has anyone welded hydraulic ram barrel successfully?

    Only put weld on the ram if the second dog can work the welder for you 👍
  2. DrDunc

    Panic buying straw.

    Brilliant !!!!! Where's all this extra lowland farmland coming from??? You know, where all us livestock breeders in the hills can move into when these trees get planted?
  3. DrDunc

    Valtra N series tractor

    Aye Allen key port ONLY for gearbox and axle on all but the lowest spec model with the gear hydraulic pump. Active, versu, and direct versions all have separate hydraulic oil, introduced through the filtered return line at the rear, or the "emergency" point under the left hand steps Stops the...
  4. DrDunc

    Valtra N series tractor

    Aye, a man needs to have a hobby 😜🤣
  5. DrDunc

    Valtra N series tractor

    Eh, but you don't actually own one, eh Jimmy? Cab on the latest model vastly superior to the first 3 generations. Spacious and dramatically improved vision outside and layout inside. Very good cab and front axle suspension completes the comfort. Engines were originally 4.4l up to 124hp, and...
  6. DrDunc

    Case 885 2wd loader capacity

    It depends upon the loader how much it'll lift, it depends upon how much rear ballast you have whether you can then carry that load, especially with 2wd Driver experience also makes a big difference Sorry for the vague response, but it's difficult to reply to such a vague question
  7. DrDunc

    WTF is Power beyond?

    🤣🤣🤣 Too many accountants at firms like Deere and Agco to be giving stuff away for free!!!!
  8. DrDunc

    British Tractors

    Oh, definitely a skilled job assembling them 👍 They're far better organised at Basildon than the lines I've worked on at Solihull and Longbridge The NH just in time warehouse to line delivery alone is a work of logistics art. Employees are encouraged to learn the different assembly procedures...
  9. DrDunc

    British Tractors

    I've had the pleasure of being given a tour round the factory 👍 And yes, the shorter wheelbase blue and even a few of the red ones are assembled there. However since they stopped producing the powerstar engine, and shut the foundry, not even the cleaners sandwiches are actually made there...
  10. DrDunc

    NZ - UK trade deal.

    Now then, quick Google of the figures..... Beef boys needn't get their panties in too much of a bunch just yet: UK beef production 926 thousand tonnes. NZ getting to export (up to) 12 thousand tonnes initially, up from 450. An increase of roughly 1.25% HOWEVER, the writing is up there in...
  11. DrDunc

    NZ - UK trade deal.

    Despite your obvious greater personal knowledge of the lady, I think perhaps you're missing the point that (even) she saw straight away that the winner in Boris's latest deal was never going to be the English buffoon
  12. DrDunc

    British Tractors

    Deutz have recently opened their (huge) new factory in Germany where the (old) bubble cab six series and larger models are built. Engines are still the most frugal of things, gearboxes are the latest ZF joy to operate designs, front suspension has been totally redesigned to provide comfort that...
  13. DrDunc

    Diesel Additives.

    Marine16 here too As used by the royal navy lifeboats (RNLI) Ask yourself who would be the last people who'd want an infrequently used diesel engine to gum up while out at sea in a force ten gale..... Marine16 additive really works for both preventing and treating diesel bug 👍
  14. DrDunc

    NZ - UK trade deal.

    Prototype bullshyte detector.... It's not quite working perfectly in every situation just yet, but it certainly reacted correctly upon hearing Boris's claims about this NZ trade deal 👍
  15. DrDunc

    NZ - UK trade deal.

    Aren't we all supposed to be eating a "plant based diet" soon anyway? Really looking forward to seeing vegetables growing on the heather hill Muir once I've put away the Blackie ewes 👍
  16. DrDunc

    Sheep dipping certificate

    I found my certificate recently, and put it in a safe place 👍 Buggered if I can mind now where the safe place is 😭 Remember sitting the "exam" after the days "course" at Auchencruive..... Instructor handed out booklets (which contained mostly pictures) and said listen carefully..... Answer to...
  17. DrDunc

    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    The question is not whether contractor prices will go up The question is by how much will they go up Increased "productivity" cannot cover the enormous increase in machinery costs any longer. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to take a VERY close look at their own business, or they won't have...
  18. DrDunc

    Returning a pickup

    Dealer forecourt Swan Vesta's Their insurance "See, told you it was running hot"
  19. DrDunc

    Returning a pickup

    Name names Reject it through the finance company Stop sleeping with the managers wife.... He's extracting too much revenge
  20. DrDunc

    Maize buckraking rates

    Don't threads get dull quick when nobodies ranting about how if you don't use his wagons, then you're obviously insane? Or @Thick Farmer isn't stirring the pot claiming he gets his done for 3 shilling and a promise the ladle gets dipped deep by the soup / gruel servant?