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  1. Chris F

    British Farming Awards

    Who is going tomorrow? We have a table - I'll hazard a guess it will be pretty near the back - please some and say hello and have a drink with us if you are there. The later you leave it the less likely you will get a sensible conversation 🍺🍺🍷🥃
  2. Chris F

    Old Generator For A Mighty Storm

  3. Chris F

    October 2019

    The October 2019 Page from the TFF Charity Calendar. If you have a picture you want to enter in this years calendar, then you can submit them here: Enter Calendar Competition Here
  4. Chris F

    Extreme Baling - look at the ground!

  5. Chris F

    Farmers Who Don’t Trust U.S. Data Vow to Hoard Until Prices Rise

    Not just us in our office who are doubting these numbers then!
  6. Chris F

    Fashion industry getting a hard time in the news today

    Makes a difference from farmers being blamed. One stat that surprised me, is that new garments are worn on average of 3 times only in China. A climate emergency is being stated. I still have T-Shirts from 20 years ago! No mention of using wool as a sustainable material though.
  7. Chris F

    New John deere Combine seen in states

    Badged up as 790 but obviously Somthing new being tested. As seen in the States. I guess this is what some of the Claas users from the U.K. got taken to see in the US a few months ago.
  8. Chris F

    Big things at Agritechnica 2019

    What do folks think the big things will be this year at Agritechnica? Will be my 3rd visit to the show and always a great event. Have an invite to the New Holland launch (just no idea what they are launching). have a feeling we might see a few more electric tractors in the smaller ranges and...
  9. Chris F

    September 2019

    Here is the Picture from September 2019 Calendar: If you have a picture and want to enter the 2020 competition then please enter here:
  10. Chris F

    Liberator and Alternatives

    With the launch of another alternative from Rotam, with Golding on the 1st September - here is a list of all the products that are the "same" in terms of actives as Liberator. Pincer has been re-formulated this year to be the same as last years Ascent - expect a premium over last years stock...
  11. Chris F

    Defra: Farming is Changing

    From their tweet today:
  12. Chris F

    Pocket Guide to Farmer Safety Critical Skills

    Released from NTSAg today, something that is worth a few minutes of all our time to be that little bit safer. The guide condenses their farming safety research from the past 5 years into an easy to read format that encourages farmers to make notes as they go through. You can download it from...
  13. Chris F

    Terraton Project

  14. Chris F

    New simplified tax system is coming

    Will be inter sting to see what comes out in the next budget Increasing the lowed rate band of tax and moving stamp duty on to the seller. But surely this just puts prices up?
  15. Chris F

    What is this Ford 4000 worth?

    She's mainly a Ford 4000 but with a Ford 4500 Digger front end and I suspect gearbox too. Late 60s early 70s we think.
  16. Chris F

    Competition Direct Drilling

    These competition ploughing matches seem a very fun way to pass the day. But I can’t help feel that the Direct Drillers are being left out. So how would we feel about a Direct Drilling Competition? When should it be done - more fun than business.
  17. Chris F

    My Defender Replacement

    I’ve found my replacement for the Defender 90. From Rezvani Motors.
  18. Chris F

    Fuel: Quote Me

    We are going to add Fuel to Quote Me. However to do so, we need contact details for as many fuel suppliers around the country as possible. Can you add supplier you use to this thread please? Name, Phone, Email address (essential) This is the updated Quote Me if you haven;t had a look...
  19. Chris F

    BBC in breach of Royal Charter

    Following on from a post on Twitter - the BBC bias this week shows them in breach of the royal charter. Add your complaint here after reading below: This is point one of public purposes and you don't need to read any further: So as per...
  20. Chris F

    Tell it Like it Is

    We have added the AHDB and Dairy UK's "Tell it Like it Is" campaign infographics to the resources menu on TFF. This way they are with: TheSolution graphics NFU Graphics AHDB Graphics Everything but the Graphics All in one place -

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