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  1. Northdowns Martin

    Blank JD command centre screen

    Our 6534 command centre screen is blank. Only sign of life is flickering light behind row of 5 buttons. Anyone experienced similar and was it curable?
  2. Northdowns Martin

    Travelling aboard to work advise.

    My nephew is leaving for New Zealand this weekend to work for 6 months. Any serious advise on what to take and not to take would be grateful. Would like to get him a small present to take anyone help out with an idea? St Christopher already been thought of.
  3. Northdowns Martin

    Seed Winter Barley wanted

    Looking for 11-12 tonnes spd barley seed delivered to ME65DR. Non Hybrid please
  4. Northdowns Martin

    After everyone’s gone home!

    Sorry if asked before. How have hosts reinstated their fields once ploughing finished? Last time I hosted I made a big mistake and power harrowed at 90 degrees to open furrows🤦🏻‍♂️ Still got waves 11 years later
  5. Northdowns Martin

    Winter barley variety for later than normal drilling

    Looking for winter feed barley variety that will happily drill into October and still yield grain rather than straw which has been my experience to the past.
  6. Northdowns Martin

    JD iTc/3000 receiver updates

    What's the definitive future for these? Are they being switched off? If so how long we got to upgrade?
  7. Northdowns Martin

    Is this IH rate?

    No classic tractor knowledge so asking for a friend.
  8. Northdowns Martin

    Sell me RTK

    Will running rtk help my operator’s short comings in experience? We run Greenstar starfire 1 on tractor for drilling but getting tramlines in correct place hasn’t been overly accurate although they are straight from stored AB lines. On the sprayer we run a simple Teejet matrix system using...
  9. Northdowns Martin

    Ringing lambs

    what age is it too late to ring a male lamb
  10. Northdowns Martin

    DB 1212 scaled model

    Not sure where to ask but thought here would be as good as any! My brother in law is trying to find a scaled model of a DB 1212, searching on the net results in DB1412 models but he wants specifically a 1212 anyone know of a model builder that has turned out such a tractor or was the 1212...
  11. Northdowns Martin

    Stripper header adaptor

    Adaptor plate to marry a Stripper header to Claas Lexion (part no.196517 19K)
  12. Northdowns Martin

    FW OSR Masters event

    Not plugging The yellow peril In anyway but have to say their OSR masters event held yesterday in Bedfordshire was very interesting. Well hosted by Philip Woods with good presentations from a variety of speakers. Tim Lamyman left us believing the crops genetic yield potential could be reachable...
  13. Northdowns Martin

    Subsoiler hire

    Borrowed a gls sumo this autumn and need to work out a hire charge. Easier to base on acreage rather than hours. I supplied the wearing metal, collected and returned. Any idea of a fair fee?
  14. Northdowns Martin

    JD auto steer fault code

    Got a fault code occurring and then steering drops out 522387.07 it says Wheel angle sensor or steering valve control. Have changed steering sensor no difference and also wiring loom again no change, whats next and where is the steering valve control sensor?
  15. Northdowns Martin

    Workshop leadlamp with gripper

    Wanted:- workshop leadlamp with a gripper and safety glass to use in a grain store. Any suggestions?
  16. Northdowns Martin

    BASE-UK President

    Sad news received about the passing of the President. Condolences to his family and friends, many I imagine are TFF members.
  17. Northdowns Martin

    2018 Blue Pea Varieties

    Is Prophet still the market leader or should I look towards the new kids on the block, namely Karioka or Bluetime which show a 6-7% yield increase in PGRO trials?
  18. Northdowns Martin

    Reading glasses

    Recently has an eye test resulting in requiring reading glasses. Went thought options of lenses and frames etc as all new to me ending in £327 total including £40 test. Opted for anti glare and 2yr scratch warranty are these fancy add ons or worth while having for manual workers.
  19. Northdowns Martin

    Tools with a Mission Any old or new serviceable hand tools wanted by Charity and sent overseas to be put to good use. Collection centres over UK.
  20. Northdowns Martin

    Services Instalation compensation

    Is there a recognised formula used to evaluate annual lose of income where services have been installed over arable land?

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