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  1. benferg

    Do I really need duals?

    On the hill you tend to slide if you have duals, on singles being narrower you tend to catch and tip. loose the water out of the inners and you’d have a better ride. what tyre pressures are you running on the inner and outer tyres?
  2. benferg

    The Demo Thread

    This one was cleaner
  3. benferg

    NH T7 tractor tyre size/wheel weights

    I get nervous with low tyre pressures. I’ve had a tyre come off the bead one guy doing hill work. I don’t need the drama so I don’t tend to go under 15 psi. Auto inflation would be cool…
  4. benferg

    NH T7 tractor tyre size/wheel weights

    what’s the VF tyre?
  5. benferg

    NH T7 tractor tyre size/wheel weights

    is this across all brands? was told that we could get 720 kg of weight for the 650 tyres on the 710's we can put a ton of wheel weights on the back axle.
  6. benferg

    NH T7 tractor tyre size/wheel weights

    Down under I'm being told we can no longer spec a tractor with 650/65R42 tyres and have wheel weights on it. Something to do with the max weight the tyre can handle (think it's also to do with Michelin) I can get 710's on a 42 inch rim and still get wheel weights. All the other machines are...
  7. benferg


    we do the same on the T7's. Wheel off, axle stand on the axle & easy access to filters. Worth the 10 minutes to take the wheel off I recon.
  8. benferg

    Autocommand wont move

    I guess one way around this is to leave the jump cables on between the two tractors for a bit to let the battery equalise for a bit too.
  9. benferg

    Autocommand wont move

    the problem is most people need the tractor there & then, and probably don't have a spare battery kicking around. Fair call though, it would be good to charge the battery properly when possible.
  10. benferg

    Autocommand wont move

    Best thing is to start it. Run the engine for a few minutes to put some charge on the battery. Then turn the tractor off and restart.
  11. benferg

    Is my welding helmet no more good?

    Check the batteries.
  12. benferg

    Harvest job in Australia

    Crazy how easily the trees come over.
  13. benferg

    Harvest job in Australia

    i have relied on some seasonal labour for the last 10 years. Work starts in September and is done by some time in March. When we had an easy supply of labour that came back from the uk every year. I’d like to think we payed and still do pay decent money. several times I’ve tried to make a...
  14. benferg

    Harvest job in Australia

    Tourism used to be 5.8 % of GDP Agriculture 5.1 % Ag is around 79% of all exported produst from NZ
  15. benferg

    Harvest job in Australia

    Exactly the same in nz!! The current govt doesn’t understand/believe in seasonal labour/jobs
  16. benferg

    Harvest job in Australia

    a well written ad! I wish I had the balls to stick one up on trade me like that :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  17. benferg

    Claas liner 4000 problems

    Still sounds like something isn’t set right. Be it a slip clutch or something else being too loose
  18. benferg

    Contractors baler not baling bales properly

    Covi covid has been an arse. And this season will be more of the same sadly. ad to that the issue of parts and equipment supply. It’s not over yet.
  19. benferg

    Honda GX200 engine

    Or just buy a complete carb and fit it.
  20. benferg

    v 660 control box

    Yes there is something like that.