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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Being offered imported an for December delivery, £600/t haven’t seen many prices lately, how does that sound?
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    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    I do genuinely think it can be done but not with the present model, I know that’s a cop out but I’ve been saying for a while there needs to be a proper mechanism for accounting it, forget methane for a minute. the last time I looked at a calculator it was asking me about how many loads of...
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    Nitrogen fixing bacteria.

    Me too, although I’m no going to ask for further guarantees, I’m just going to try it and make my own mind up, n price is a joke, I have zero committed and the spend will be 100k plus, we have to break the addiction so a few ha at £19 is the least I should be doing
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    York to somerset

    Have a couple of stocks track units to come from jr firby nr York back to ba7 in somerset thanks
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    Somerset to suffolk

    Hi, might have a knight triple press to go to Suffolk, castle cary to Newmarket, it’s 3m wide, 10ft high and 20ft long at a quick guess. could do with a rough idea please
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    Nitrogen fixing bacteria.

    Sorry if this has been mentioned, I’ve read most of the thread roughly but for simple people like me is this product commercially available yet? if so how much? how much do I reduce my n inputs on a crop if I use it? can I still use other plant protection products? like most here I’m quite...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Only thinking quickly youre talking about £1/kg N so 150 kg/ha for 8t wb 180 for 10t ww 75 for 25t grass yield thats reasonable in a mixed enterprise, I might argue lean for high protein grass but there abouts and to be fair I’d be with you in saying at £350 to do anything dramatic will...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I always thought static was right on the money Post of the year good sir
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    Autumn manure banned

    Well that was my thoughts, there are, rightly or wrongly manly livestock farmers who geared their business toward solid only production at the beginning of the nvz rules and legitimately until now have had no storage and spread most days, are they ok to do that or not? Similarly there are many...
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    Autumn manure banned

    So a few questions, sorry if they’ve been covered if we talk arable crops, from the point at which I spread my final dose of n this spring / early summer I can’t apply any products containing any significant n before next feb unless it’s osr or grass I’m establishing? if I’m establishing grass...
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    ENdurance slow release N.

    I have pallets of food grade urea prills here, we add it to milking cow rations, I guess the best option is a few hand trials to determine max safe concentration?
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    ENdurance slow release N.

    So how does the methylated urea help for foliar application vs straight urea? I can't really remember but I thought urea was scorchy? Does the methylated bit help that? I just looked it up and was quoted £1575 for an ibc of efficient n and 1765 for yara safe n last June, idoubt they are...
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    ENdurance slow release N.

    I'm interested to hear also, I enquired about efficient n last Yr for maize and I don't think it's a Hutchinson exclusive, as I recall £1300 wouldn't buy a cube either, so if there's a £30/ha option I'd be interested to know
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    Thanks, £505 wants trimming down a bit then
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    Any body had any prices for revystar or univoq ? why is it when I log into the farm deals website the only thing it offers me is diesel and trace elements?
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    Knight press

    It did have once! They're just a bit worn!
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    Knight press drop me a message if this is of any interest, might be a bit of wriggle on the money matt
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    Situation Vacant Jcb 435s driver

    Hi, looking for a driver to clamp silage with a jcb 435s for the coming season, located in somerset uk, accommodation available. thanks matt
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    Jd 4640 serial rate output

    Hi, I've got a jd 4640 which now has a serial port connected to com 1, I bought an n sensor and with a software update the 4640 will suck the rate info right up, on the work setup screen I have the option of tx and rx and it got me thinking, now that I have a serial cable connected could I...
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    Fendt VarioGuide implement problem.

    I could well be wrong but I think it's just software, the tractor icon runs straight so I don't think it's a heading issue, never shows up with a mounted implement, it started as soon as I got the software update so I don't think there are mechanical issues