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  1. AGN76

    The meme thread

    Absolutely, I've been in all day and had an email saying no one was in and a card was posted! No it fecking wasnt!! :mad:
  2. AGN76

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Because we have no one else to rally behind! (Other than James Martin's programmes maybe) Industry bodies are doing F all after all
  3. AGN76

    What's everybody's tipple of choice?

    Whatever is cheapest! (Well iam a welsh farmer!)
  4. AGN76


    We had 2 gasconne heifers out of Welsh Black cows, wish I'd kept them! :banghead:
  5. AGN76


    Was in Iceland this afternoon when the Clearance freezer caught my eye so I went over for a mooch............ Made me smirk! :D ( @JP1 Can you spin picture please. ) [Done ]
  6. AGN76

    Best calving gate?

    Bo steel.
  7. AGN76

    Personal injury

    Some good points thank you. Not a pub we frequent too often, so not bothered about peeing anyone off
  8. AGN76

    Personal injury

    OH was in pub friday night when a cast iron radiator fell off the wall and onto her ankle/foot. Ambulance job, 8 stitches, foot like a balloon, and now an emergency referral to check for tendon damage. The other lady it fell on is having skin grafts!. I can't say I'm a fan of the compensation...
  9. AGN76

    The meme thread

    (Sorry If this is already posted, alerts probably weren't working, again! :facepalm:)
  10. AGN76

    Well done Lidl

    He has a healthy bloom too!
  11. AGN76

    Is Cowabunga right

    But if we can make everything in a lab, where's the need?
  12. AGN76

    Is Cowabunga right

    Is @Cowabunga right, are we doomed? Should we sell everything now whilst there's still a market for stock and land?
  13. AGN76

    Fertility of AI bulls

    Plenty of truth!
  14. AGN76

    Is TFF ready for the Animal Rebellion ?

    But we live in a pathetic liberal lefty country controlled by the minority rule, offended brigade
  15. AGN76

    Radio 4, a succession of 'single issue' moralising agendas.

    Even my mum said this! She said she was sick of hearing about Lesbians etc, it was constant! I remember listening to them absolutely Crucify Ched Evans, the whole of North Wales knew he was innocent, I get he had been (wrongly) convicted but it seemed so OTT. I stopped listening to that sh1te...
  16. AGN76

    Michael Mansfield QC. Make eating meat illegal!

    My thoughts exactly.
  17. AGN76

    Vegan threat? what vegan threat?

    If you go on to NSA faceache page it says it was National Lamb week 2 weeks ago. Well that's shite, first I've heard of it. Why was that kept quiet? (Just been to co-op for some leg steaks to take part!)
  18. AGN76

    Vegan threat? what vegan threat?

    :scratchhead: she looks a well fed vegan!
  19. AGN76

    Bringing up Baby

    Or, a dick with a dick. Full stop.
  20. AGN76

    Joz Moov

    I will enquire for you

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