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  1. Smokey16

    Massey ferguson 6280

    Hi thinking of changing tractors at the min iv got a 1995 ford 7840 sle but was thinking of selling it for a massey 6280/90. What's peoples thoughts on the massey
  2. Smokey16

    Ewe minerals

    Last year was my first year sheep farming I bought 110 ewes in and I grazed them all on nice regrowth grass and I put out the rumenco high energy plus fish oil biscuit blocks out for then about 3week before tupping and all through tupping when it came to scanning the ewes we had 36singles...
  3. Smokey16

    Weighing lambs

    I dont know if I'm doing something wrong I took some lambs to market yesterday I weighed them Tuesday afternoon and they weighed between 42/45kg after market weighed them yesterday they said they weighed 38kg. So I checked my scales last night I put a mineral bucket on it and it came up with the...
  4. Smokey16

    New holland br740a baler

    One of my belts have snapped on are baler iv rang the new holland dealer and they haven't got any in stock just wondered would a john deere belt fit on to it
  5. Smokey16

    Iae lamb scale.

    Need help bought a new iae lamb weigh crate and it's not weighing right
  6. Smokey16

    Iae lamb scale.

    Need help bought a new iae lamb weigh crate and it's not weighing right
  7. Smokey16

    Dorset ram on ewe lambs

    Iv got 20 ewe lambs that weigh 45kg and I'm thinking of keeping them for breeders and was thinking of putting a Dorset ram onto them. What's peoples thought on doing this
  8. Smokey16

    Lleyn cross texel lambs

    Iv got 60 lleyn cross texel lambs for sale born march 2021 all reared on a grass base system
  9. Smokey16

    Youngstock housing

    Hi what's the going rate for housing other farmers cattle in your own shed
  10. Smokey16

    Massey ferguson 390

    My 390 will go into gear fine but will hardly move unless I rev it. It had a new clutch about 7 years ago
  11. Smokey16

    Ford 7840sle reverse problem

    Hi got a 7840sle 1995 model. Got a problem with going into reverse it will crunch its gears but is fine in forward
  12. Smokey16

    Ford 7840sle getting hot

    Hi iv got a ford 7840sle and it's getting hot when working. It was fine couple of weeks ago only thing that happened was I had the fan belt go whilst I was mowing so I replaced it but know it's getting hot any ideas what could be wrong with it.
  13. Smokey16

    New holland round baler

    Iv been and seen a new holland 548 round baler today whilst I was there the chap showed me a new holland 740a belt Baker what's people thoughts on them
  14. Smokey16


    Hi I farm suckler cows but i bought 120 llyen ewes last year and ran texel rams with them iv got some cracking ewe lambs I would like to keep back for breeding what poeple thoughts on what breed of ram to put them to I was thinking either back to a texel or llyen ram or a aberfield ram
  15. Smokey16

    New holland 548 round baler

    Hi looking at buying a new holland 548 round baler just looking for people opinions on them
  16. Smokey16

    New holland 548 cropcutter

    Hi thinking of buying a 2003 new holland 548 cropcutter round baler just wondered what's people views are on them
  17. Smokey16

    New holland 548 crop cutter

    What's people views on these balers looking at buying one
  18. Smokey16

    Extreme ryegrass and red clover ley

    I'm drilling this ley in tomorrow and aiming to get a cut off silage in 7weeks time then hopfully grass with fat lambs. I bought the seed from forfarmers just wondered if anyone has got the same ley and how they got on with it.
  19. Smokey16

    Barley and pea wholecrop

    I'm looking at round baling and wrapping my wholecrop and stacking in my field any advise will be greatfull. Thanks
  20. Smokey16

    Claas 250 baler

    Hi I'm having trouble with my claas 250 baler it's not resetting after back door is down.