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    things that make you smile

    My 6 year old Cocker Spaniel, racing about like a 6 month puppy, with a glove she stole whilst "helping" me earlier this week.
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    What are these people on?!?

    Or would want to!
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    Repacement radio

    Our local Claas dealer often had replacement stereo's for sale on their parts counter, I think they work with the Kramp network, so it might have come through them.
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    things that make you smile

    I was shown this recently, watch and laugh!
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    Now this is how do make an advert....

    Absolutely fantastic! Made me laugh.
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    A BIT OF GOOD NEWS for a change

    I saw a Mc Donald's advert about two or three days ago. That was pretty pro farming as well I thought.
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    things that make you smile

    I put a ram in with some ewes this morning and walked them down the lane to their field. To say they were Keen would be a huge understatement! They barely got out the yard... I guess you can't fight the urge!
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    recommendations for a good pocket knife

    I like these, a nice weight to them, they stay sharp for quite a while and at about £18ish not heart breaking expensive when you inevitably drop and lose it!
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    Combine wedding

    That's pretty cool!
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    MF 690 owners manual

    I think you should be able to get one through the MF parts system. Itwill be expensive though, Otherwise ebay, or look in the back of a tractor magazine, there is often an advert for these sort of things, either a private seller or as a business.
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    Today at work

    Drilling again today, the last field for my neighbour, And that's another autumn drilling wrapped up!
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    The Farm Dog

    It's just so tiring this tractor driving!
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    Massey Ferguson 30 Drill or similar required for new farmer starting out

    That sounds like the voice of experience!
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    Restoring Rusty Mouldboards.

    I've never seen any of our ploughs shine like that, and we are on red sandstone soils.
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    Restoring Rusty Mouldboards.

    A friend into ploughing matches etc always used to take his plough to the beach at the start of the season, just as @michael N123 suggested, a bit of a trek for you though @Cab-over Pete !
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    New 3 meter power harrow combi with discs

    This is ours, 2007 Kuhn PH and Integra box drill, 20 rows at 150mm , 2 banks of discs.
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    Oldest machine on farm, dead or alive.

    On our farm it would also be the farmhouse, built when QE 1 was on the throne.
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    Where is less Loony?

    Canada or the US? Or, a bit of a wild card how about Chile? Several friends and former colleagues who have been there for both work and leisure have spoken highly of it.
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    DEFRA consultation on on approach to beaver reintroduction and management in England

    There would be no shortage of offers to help with control!
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    DEFRA consultation on on approach to beaver reintroduction and management in England

    That's the thing, its economic vandalism on a huge scale, what happens when there is a beaver dam near a vital piece of our national infrastructure. I can just see it " RAF runway flooded because of beaver dam" " No you cant touch it " says Environment Agency. Bonkers!