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    Carrier value

    What would a 2009 5m carrier be worth? Discs about 50% worn but rear press rings only 30% worn. A few frame welds but generally good condition.
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    iPhone and car radio

    Yes but it still starts playing
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    iPhone and car radio

    Yes via usb but that’s how’s I’ve always done it.
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    iPhone and car radio

    Got an iPhone 12 and software is all up to date. Previously when getting into my car (VW Touareg) I’d plug the phone into the usb charger so it charged it. The phone would connect to the car so it was hands free. I could then play you tube music app by just starting the app on my phone and it...
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    Biomass domestic boiler issue

    I’m not in the house and the person who is has said a few days but I’ve discovered about putting it in manual today. It’s 17 degrees here today but I can tell come winter time it’s not going to be efficient unless run in manual which we can of course do, but sending heat back to the biomass...
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    Biomass domestic boiler issue

    No Biomass kicks in at 65 and kicks out at 87 No accumulator tank - direct feed as the boiler has an auto fuel feeder so runs as soon as it hits 65. Yes 2 yrs old Nordec tec plate 32-20
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    What can and cannot run on red diesel from March 1. 2021

    For how long? 12 months before we are one white as well.
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    New telehandler time

    I need to go and see him to find out a bit more but a local farmer bought a construction spec machine and then altered the engine with a chip, fitted a bigger oil pump and also fitted a second hand joystick from a machine at a breakers yard. He reckons he still saved £30,000 after his costs.
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    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 21/09/21

    Yes the people running ELMS just don’t get it. Basically they are wanting us all to subsidise it whilst removing the bps subsidy. They are living on a different planet in my view.
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    Biomass domestic boiler issue

    Got a heat exchanger plumbed in a house which is fed directly from the biomass boiler. The flow pipe is hot and return pipe is warm so we are getting heat into the house. However there doesn’t seem to be enough heat being utilised as the house is just luke warm. if we put the motorised valve...
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    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    My neighbours 1mw does very well indeed. He feeds it with rye, triticale and maize as well as any waste products he can access such as stock feed potatoes etc. He’s selling electricity from it and using the heat to dry biomass for a nationwide logistics company. His income is about £20,000 per...
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    Starting to get worried about the wet weather ?

    Because we don’t use seed dressing weather isn’t the issue it used to be. Our cleaned winter wheat seed will just go back into the heap and we’ll clean spring wheat seed instead.
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    Input inflation followed by a PRICE CRASH?????? deja vu

    There’s no boats at the minute it seems as I sold 8 loads of group 1 on Friday. They’ve collected 6 loads so far. Last 2 going tomorrow and I’ve had a call asking if we want to sell any more. Answer was not until I get £250/t.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Group 1 £238 October. Sold 8 loads on Friday. Collected 6 so far. Think they are desperate for milling wheat as there’s no haulage issues at all.
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    Standard format vaderstad carrier

    Did you retro fit the levelling boards as I don’t think I’ve seen one with a set on?
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    John Deere 7310R

    Early 7280R’s we’re extremely unreliable. The first one here needed a new gearbox at 450 hours. The second one at 500 hours. That and along with prices is why we moved to the CNH stable. No JD’s here now at all and I honestly can’t see us ever having another as they are to expensive to buy knew...
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    New telehandler time

    I found a teleram yesterday sat in a horsey paddock with a genuine 3000 hours on the clock. Trying to persuade the owner to let me buy it but I don’t think they will sell it even though it’s not used.
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    How much land does it take to pay an employees wages ??

    Staff are going to be our industries biggest problem going forward. Local estate has tractor drivers now asking for more money than the farm manager gets citing anti social working hours as the main reason. What they don’t know yet is that the estate saw this coming and is putting half the land...
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    Will you be looking to take part in the future SFI/ELMS scheme? - 21/09/21

    We wanted it to work but it just doesn’t for us. We had our telephone interview about why we were not applying. They listened but didn’t agree that the financial offering needed to be doubled for it to be viable. The person we spoke to said the figure might be increased by 10% but certainly no...
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    How much land does it take to pay an employees wages ??

    A good friend has 450ac of which 75ac is grass with sheep on it all year round and the rest is combinable crops of which 300ac is milling wheat and 75ac of spring crops. He has one tractor, 36m trailed sprayer which does liquid fert as well, a 3m drill, a 3m cultivator and 10m rolls. He uses a...