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    Foliar fert for grazing grass?

    There is a post some where on here work donext in wales try and find it it implied it works .
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    Snog, Marry, Avoid ....

    Often I have been to local dealers and there is always fents being repaired.
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    Feed rail height.

    One idea is to make the standing area lower than the feed area if you put digonal bars in lean them away from the cows so they don't rub the shoulders if you put diagonal barriers in just go as high as you can as high as the cows so top bar does not rub on the cow neck shoulder..
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    Has eny one use a bredal f2 to spread it.
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    Red tractor statement on level playing field

    Rt does not make grain any more better than produced to uk law, it just a tick box exersize on the day.
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    Mf 6485-6499 cab suspension

    Massey braker he sees them he must have missed your post Richard Hoyland.
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    Who else is sick of the climate change lies?

    The Russians are having to use icentre brakers quite a lot now already.
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    I think it wold bridge like h in one of them
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    Landrover chassis

    What about all new brake pipes
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    Just chacked it's on machinery
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    Accident not put new post on for a while
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    Robbing Bxsxxxds

    That's why they come across the channel edged on by the frenah. They could stop them if they really wanted to.
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    Fertilizer spreader for amonium sulphate

    What would be the best three point linkage spreader for ammonium sulphate small crystal.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    I'd be bored to do a council job . He was not a potato grower , grain.
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    Who's joining me?

    If any one has a stream running threw nabours then your own feilds best thing is fence them out and put water troughs in .
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    Very dry autumn.

    Don't be to pessimistic, fed up of rain to date but today very nice and dry. When I do autumn sprays if I go of tramlines lines it can kill crop with rain as it has compacted the ground.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Good idea but I remember years ago yes tens when watching farming on Sundays one farmer lost the farm as whell. But not a shrewed man as your self.
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    Drill and Price Comparisons

    A lot of big heavy drills would just pan my ground. When I spray in October if I go of tramlines by this time late November the crop is dying with all the rain.
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    Russia ups tax on wheat exports

    Its the west lost sight of what there agender is take over with out a shot , then if need be a push over with no resistance all our industries gone to these countrys.They just can't see it.
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    60 x 40 ft grain store

    Probably 25ft