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    Critical Mass

    I can tell what is dying and that is common sense and practical aptitude.
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    Spring beans or spring oats

    I think the Bean trade will hold well,especially with the current Soya trade which isn't going to collapse anytime soon.Lynx beans did well here averaging around 2.7 t/ac on strong river ground.We nearly always get an extra 1/4 ton/acre plus of wheat following Beans too.
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    Red tractor statement on level playing field

    They do seem to be digging their own grave with some of the statements , I wonder who is helping prepare them ? Whoever it is needs to do a little more PR research.
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    Red tractor statement on level playing field

    Their last minute change is so disingenuous it's embarrassing, they knew they were losing the argument so went into damage limitation mode.Unfortunately it hasn't worked as we're not as dense as they must think we are.In fact they must have some pretty stupid people on their payroll if they...
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    Muckspreading insanity

    As I said in a previous post,farmers are not responsible for P and N in the rivers but the water companies are.A retired Policeman,who fishes,has taken a voluntary roll,with the EA,testing the water in our local river for pollution.He has done it for several months now and was telling me the...
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    someone writing in the Farmers Weekly has FINALLY got it

    Exactly, they use figures to suit their agenda.There are so many different ways to come to a figure,ie include this and that but we'll leave leave that bit out,and as a result there is a multitude of figures.Ive seen Agri figures from around 5 to 50 odd % !!
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    Quitting smoking

    Ditto to Champix.Gave up December 17th 2011 after taking the course of tablets.I had smoked for about 40 years and was on about 20 B&H a day.These pills worked a treat and the nurse at our GP's told me to extend them for an extra 2 weeks to be sure.I feel so much better. None of this vaping either.
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    Red tractor statement on level playing field

    Think that is the next thing we should look at.
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    Red tractor statement on level playing field

    It's a pity the NFU are no longer the voice for farmers, in fact they were probably working for the other side on this occasion. Sad days.
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    Noooooooooo !!!!!!!!! Please Noooooooo
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    River Lugg, Herefordshire

    It's frightening that we have people employed by the EA who are utterly and I mean totally,utterly clueless. They are the very same people telling us we can't apply poultry manure in the autumn when the water companies can discharge neat sewage into our watercourses in periods of high rainfall.
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    Autumn manure banned

    Interestingly I had a conversation with a chap who has a part time job with the EA taking water samples on a stretch of the River Wye near us.He said all summer and early autumn the tests revealed minute ,inconsequential levels of N & P. We then had a deluge of rain in early October and he went...
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    New Mccormick Tractors

    I don't think you have so no need to apologise. We made a decision to buy another less known brand and have no regrets whatsoever. We now have three Kubota M7 series varios,they too have a ZF backend but,as you correctly say,have been built to the tractor manufacturers spec.
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    Who's joining me?

    I wouldn't be too concerned ,there certainly seems to be an increasing number of sheep in the livestock market that aren't assured.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Futures seem back a little but the offers from merchants remains strong if not a little firmer in some areas.I wonder what that is telling us as I really don’t know.
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    60 x 40 ft grain store

    Hoping for around 250/300 tons.
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    60 x 40 ft grain store

    Hi, I know this is rather small but we are able to remove an old tin shed and replace with this small grain store.Reason is we have recently bought 54 acres next door and this should help cover the extra grain.All drains are in place and we will,simply lay the floor on top of an existing one...
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    Plant based food eaters double to 13.7% in 10 years

    I remember our old neighbour,bit of a cattle dealer,who liked a proper drink probably 1 or 2 bottles of Whisky/day.He was always calling to see my parents and,one morning, he asked my mother he had been called to the GP for a health check.My mother replied they will probably check his heart...
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    Carbon calculator.

    Absolutely,spot on.
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    Carbon calculator.

    It seems to me there are many interpretations of what a carbon calculator is or what it should include.All to suit ones own agenda,of course. I would formulate your own if I was you.Just include what you want and exclude the rest.I remember going to a meeting with a main supermarket with regards...