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  1. Muck Spreader

    WTF Johnson's CBI speech!

    Is he pi55ed or on drugs. What is he on about with Pepper Pig World to the CBI, which happens to be owned by the US company Hasbro anyway. Bizarre. :scratchhead:
  2. Muck Spreader

    Government plans to outlaw performance tampering

    Don't know if this has been posted already, but it looks like the government is planning on making it illegal to alter the performance of any vehicle including agricultural machinery though chipping, remapping, tampering with emissions equipment etc...
  3. Muck Spreader

    Will Jacob get the order of the boot?

    Even the loyal tabloids appear to be turning against Johnson and his sleazy corrupt government.
  4. Muck Spreader

    Something upsetting the Bull

    Our Limmy bull has has been quite upset the last few days and I an not sure why. There are two spots in the field where he stands smelling the ground and roaring which alarms some of the cows. I can only think that it is the urine of either a Badger, Wild Boar or a rutting stag that he can...
  5. Muck Spreader

    Owen Paterson

    Another little piggy with his snout in the trough. @bobk is he your MP?
  6. Muck Spreader

    Grammer MSG95 seat air pipes

    Had the plastic pipes that go from the compressor to the height control valve fracture on 2 different tractors in the last 4 months. Temporarily repaired both one now needs pumping after about one hour, but the other which broke off at the control valve is only good for about 5-10 mins. What's...
  7. Muck Spreader

    Did Boris ask Brazil's President for emergency food aid?

    President Bolsonaro has said that the UK prime Minster has asked him for emergency supplies of food! :eek:
  8. Muck Spreader

    Charging Batteries

    I've always loosened the plugs on a battery were possible when charging (and even removed the clamps if its still in the machine). But reading various web pages about this many 'experts' now suggest this is bad practice, especially with modern batteries and smart chargers. Do I need to change my...
  9. Muck Spreader

    Unmowable Grass!

    Last field to cut this year, five acres of a second year cocksfoot ley that has been left too late. It's so thick and heavy the can't get though it at all. The mower just wraps grass around the end tophat till it jams on the swath disk and burns the pto clutch. Even mowing with the mower...
  10. Muck Spreader

    What's the point of pto friction clutches?

    Just had to redo the plates a Walterscheid friction clutch on the mower again. As they seem to destroy themselves in seconds just like a set of belts, but are as expensive to replace and a bit more fiddly what is their benefit? Couldn't the same level of safety be archived with a simple shear...
  11. Muck Spreader

    John Deere sensors

    Can someone tell me what the top sensor in the in the photo controls on a 6220se? When I waggle the wires to it, it appears induce very rough running.
  12. Muck Spreader

    Is Boris trying to stop Obama becoming US ambassador?

    Apparently the idiot Johnson has told Biden that Obama would not be acceptable as the US ambassador in London.
  13. Muck Spreader

    Bulls in neighbouring fields

    One for the Bovine psychologists. My neighbour has just put a young bull (2.5/3) and 10 cows with calves in a field that adjoins a field I am about to move our herd and bull to. This bull of his (lim) looks unhappy and doesn't appear to have bonded with his cows and spends his time apart from...
  14. Muck Spreader

    Boris, EU is stealing our Citizens.

    Well it is in the Daily Express. :ROFLMAO:
  15. Muck Spreader

    Highways England vandalising bridges.

    What on earth do they think they are doing! If any farmer had done this he would probably be in Jail. :banghead:
  16. Muck Spreader

    Morrisons takeover a concern?

    As another UK company looks likely to be sold to dubious private foreign investors/asset strippers, should the government take action to stop it. Or will it suffer the same fate as as one of the UK's flagship defence companies Cobham, which has been asset stripped and moved to the USA within 18...
  17. Muck Spreader

    Boris saber-rattling again.

    Is getting HMS Defender to deliberately sail though disputed Russian territorial waters just another of Bozza's global posturing acts, aimed at the tabloid press and constituents of Spen and Batley next week. Just like the dispatch of Royal Navy warships to Jersey just prior the the May local...
  18. Muck Spreader

    Army to deliver food to shops!

    Federation of Wholesale Distributors is saying that the shortage of lorry drives due to Brexit and covid is now so acute that the army should be put on standby to deliver food to shops...
  19. Muck Spreader

    US ban use of Innova rapid antigen test

    The FDA in the US have banned the use of Innova rapid antigen test and medical staff have been told to destroy remaining stocks. This is the test that Boris has spent £3 billon of tax payers money on, much of it via a former shoe salesman who set himself up as an importer of medical test kits...
  20. Muck Spreader

    John Deere owners manuals

    As I don't have a paper copy of the owners manual for one of my JD's, I went to the JD site as usual to look at the manual only to find I can't access them anymore. Have they just moved them somewhere else or are they now just being tight barstewards?