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  1. OhAye

    Farm Batteries

    This maybe should go in the Renewables bit but it's not about generation so I'll ask here. Anyone using domestic battery storage to try and go off grid ie save solar or wind via batteries to use at night or other periods? The tech must be getting there surely?
  2. OhAye

    On Farm Domestic Battery Storage

    Anyone tried to go 'off grid' yest? Batteries are rumoured to be improving. We have solar on the sheds and I'd love to be able to store the energy for off peak but haven't heard of anything good enough yet. Anyone any experience?
  3. OhAye

    FiT Payments

    If electricity costs rise as predicted, do existing FiT payments also rise?
  4. OhAye

    Valuing farm steading.

    How would you go about valuing a farm steading? No land. just the farmhouse and buildings. If the buildings are mostly old, many with leaking gutters, holes in roofs, in need of fixing etc. how would you go about valuing them? Obviously they were once all new sheds, concrete floors and the...
  5. OhAye

    Real Margins

    I'm not an arable man but am interested in the current situation. I was with 2 pals the other day, one of whom was delighted at the price he was getting for his wheat, the other, whilst glad the price is up, reckons due to the huge rises in inputs everyone is kidding themselves and margins...
  6. OhAye

    Carbon Footprint

    Anyone gone through the ordeal of trying to work out their 'actual' carbon footprint? There's so many different calculators and tweaked methods. It would be interesting to know what averages are. ie 100 ha of wheat traditionally drilled = ? same for all crops 100 ha of wheat min tilled =...
  7. OhAye

    Economies of Scale....apparently.

    Due to some recent roadworks we've been left with a couple of 3 acre fields. I'm all for putting them in grass for the horsey market or sticking them in AB9 and forgetting about them. My old man however keeps quoting 'economies of scale ' at me, saying we need to crop them to spread our costs...
  8. OhAye

    Best (simple) CCTV system

    I know the question has been asked before but wanting some up to date info. Any recommendations for a simple but effective farm CCTV system. Around 6 cameras dotted around the farm, viewable on phone or pc, ideally recording anything untoward. I'm not a total tech novice but am a bit of a...
  9. OhAye

    Grassland Carbon Credits

    Is there any companies working out / offering Carbon Credits for grassland yet? It must be feasible by using cut grass as the 'harvested crop'. (Heard nothing re working out for grazing land)
  10. OhAye

    Tax Efficient Buying

    I've been asked a question that I can't quite answer properly. Is it better to rent or buy a farm in terms of tax efficiency? I've always thought buy (if possible) for obvious reasons, but is it sensible tax wise? ie Rental payments can be written off as an expense but mortgage/loan payments...
  11. OhAye

    AB8 Mid Tier Silage?

    We're looking at putting in quite a few ha of AB8, Directives say to cut / graze 90% of it between August and October , anyone made any hay or silage off it? What's the yield like?
  12. OhAye

    60 sq m concrete pad.

    Afternoon, I've an old timber framed shed that's needing to come down. It sits on a 6m x 10m concrete pad. I'm weighing up options from repairing / replacing the shed to turn into stables (already have liveries elsewhere), using as a wash bay, some sort of storage area.....??? Anybody got any...
  13. OhAye

    Robo - weeder The future?
  14. OhAye

    Ball park cost of 50m x 20m basic shed

    Thinking of putting up a multi use ag shed, bales, timber, chips, sheep etc. Any ideas on ball park figs for most basic construction? There's loads of offers on at the minute but the prices vary a lot.
  15. OhAye

    Switch AB9 to AB16

    Anyone know if there's an autumn sown version of AB9? A few logistical issues here and plans need to change. If there's not a branded one then a home mix could work? A switch to AB16 might be the option.
  16. OhAye


    I'm not an arable man but keep an eye on hat's happening and am interested in the way the industry is headed. A fella near us has been sowing spring barley after getting caught out in the back end and left with a few hundred unsown acres. Most fields were disced twice, subsoiled, roterrad...
  17. OhAye

    Hedge Plants mid tier

    I've got 1100 m of hedging to go in for Mid Tier, what's anyone's experience on best plants to use and sort of price to be paying per plant (2 year transplants) Cheers
  18. OhAye

    Mid Tier Capital Grants

    However you decide to do fencing or hedging (ie yourself of get someone in), once don do you just contact the RPA and claim for the full value of the allowance? What sort of invoices do they require? Never really though about it but after previous horrendous dealings I want to get it right. Cheers
  19. OhAye

    Sprayer and Spinner for Mule

    Looking into buying a 3m boom sprayer and a spinner (trailed or plug in) for the Mule, anyone done similar or got any advice on what to go for or avoid? Cheers
  20. OhAye

    Direct Drilling AB9 etc

    I've asked this on an older tread but not sure if it'll get spotted so try again here. Anyone here spray off their AB9 then DD the new stuff in? How long after spraying do you wait? Any replies much appreciated.