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  1. muleman


    got a start turning some cattle out today....anyone else got any out or am i the first?
  2. muleman


    Anyone else had problems with these 'border ' wellies? Last 2 pairs ive had have both cracked as shown on pic after 3 weeks.... wonder if its a manufacturing fault? Theyre just cheaper wellies but all i can afford. Walking round with a plastic bag on my foot in welly now!
  3. muleman

    Lamb knee

    Anyone know what causes a lambs knee to give way as it walks, almost as though the ligaments/tendons have gone weak in one knee, any ideas,thanks
  4. muleman


    Uncertain times in farming at the moment.....texel ram lamb makes £200,000 at lanark today,great to see a bit of positivity and forward thinking,the buyers of this lamb obviously werent thinking of showing caution with brexit looming....all credit to them and also to the breeders.
  5. muleman

    Thame sheep fair

    Thame sheep fair,top quality mules on offer,anyone heard any prices,always a bit of an indicator as to how the autumn breeding sales are going to go. I hear Jeremy Clarkson was buying mule shearlings today....he obviously knows a good sheep when he sees one!
  6. muleman

    forage situation

    found the back wall of the silage clamp this spring for the first time in probably 7 or 8 years,looks as though we will empty it now but to be honest the crop has lasted far better than we ever thought considering we never had as much due to last summers dry weather. We wont need to buy any now...
  7. muleman


    as from thurs 25th april crow shooting or trapping illegal....unbelievable.
  8. muleman

    Feed Reps

    Anyone else enjoying watching the feed reps squirm this winter or is it just me?! Was walling a gap this afternoon and got mi phone out to check time and saw i had an answerphone message....had a listen and it was the feed rep. The message went..."i`ve been in your yard quite a few times and...
  9. muleman

    cow A I

    Started to AI a few cows and a bit green to job! 2 cows mad a bullin 6pm , cant get AI firm out at night so is it best to try and catch them next cycle or do them in morning? How long would they be in heat, any ideas? thanks
  10. muleman


    A texel ram has made £100,000....well actually it would be gns so £105,000 A much needed boost for the industry in these uncertain times with brexit looming,great to see there is still confidence in the sheep industry.
  11. muleman

    when is enough enough?

    Just wondered how the drought situation was in different parts of the country...or not as the case may be. Thought this year was gonna be different but in danger of early winter again and cows inside early here in cumbria.Havnt the crop for an early one this time but at least we have grass now...
  12. muleman

    crossbred stock bulls

    Cant find it now but read a thread a while since where someone was asking for opinions on crossbred bulls,this is our first calf to our blue x lim bull, very happy with it.
  13. muleman

    cow grass

    Has anyone managed to get any cows turned out yet,cant imagine they have what with the bad cold spring but just wondered if anybody, perhaps in the south,is tempted to open the doors?
  14. muleman

    wattery bellied lambs

    Anyone know what causes those big watery bellied lambs? Had 2 this morning,5 days before due date. one ewe had lambed the big bellied one and had another live one with it and the other ewe was stuck lambing,had to nick the lambs belly to let the slime out to get it lambed. Not a good start,hope...
  15. muleman

    swaledale draft ewes

    this seems to be the job to be in .....a pen of 10 ewes sold at hawes today for £1700/head and another 10 for £1150/head. There is profit in sheep if done right.