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    2130 - what's it worth?

    We have an R reg (1976) John Deere 2130 that I'm thinking of maybe selling, but would like an idea of what it might be worth before I advertise it. It has an old Massey loader on it, Duncan cab, and ok tyres etc; it runs fine but has a few minor (to moderate) issues and would probably want...
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    I've had an enquiry from a chap a few miles away wanting to buy some or all of my wheat next summer for wholecrop. His proposed arrangement being, I think, that I grow the crop as normal, then we come to an agreed price in the summer for the standing crop based on potential grain value less...
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    Workshop door - roller shutter/sectional

    I'm looking to replace the door in our workshop with a roller shutter or maybe sectional door - approx 4.5m x 4.5m. I have the following questions, but would be grateful for any other advice too. Also recommendations please, if anyone knows a decent firm in the far south-west, or who to buy...
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    Tenants & electricity

    We let out a bungalow on the farm and for various reasons the electricity contract is currently in our name rather than the tenants'. This has worked ok, I read the meter and bill them every quarter, but I'm getting fed up with chasing them up every time as they are always late paying and its...
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    Traditional harvest - labour

    Just out of interest really - A recent conversation got me wondering about how much labour was involved harvest/threshing etc pre-mechanisation. I've heard a man could cut around an acre a day with a scythe, is that about right? If so this was obviously only the start - I'm guessing some of...
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    Bank loan security - release or not?

    I had a phone call from the bank yesterday about some land they hold as security for a loan that we paid off a few months ago, asking whether we want them to release it or keep hold of it in case we need another loan in the future. What are the pros and cons? It is unlikely we'll need another...
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    Brake cylinders

    Been quoted £350 each for new cylinders for our Massey 34 combine. Seems a lot?? Do I have to get the proper part from the dealer or is there anyone worth trying who might have a cheaper alternative? I've very little experience of working on brakes - are there generic cylinders that fit...
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    Grain price graph/data

    Can't find what I'm looking for on google - I'm after a graph or spreadsheet showing spot wheat prices, say monthly over the last few years, to get an idea of the average increase from harvest to winter/spring grain prices. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    MF 34 combine - workshop manual

    A google search for the above brings up a couple of these: Massey Ferguson Combine MF30 MF32 MF34 MF36 MF38E MF38 MF40 Workshop Training Service Manual - WHILST THIS MANUAL IS NOT A FULL SERVICE MANUAL, IT DOES PROVIDE A LOT OF TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND IF YOU KNOW YOUR WAY MECHANICALLY AROUND A...
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    Selling straw - baled vs in the swath

    We've always baled all our straw and sold it by the bale (most of it goes to a nearby dairy farmer who has been a customer for several years). With less family labour now I've been wondering about getting rid of the baler and just selling it in the swath. Thinking just one less thing to stress...
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    Best filler/gunge for this job...

    I have been re-doing the anti-rodent/bird mesh around part of our grain store - 4mm mesh stapled to the perlin down to the top of the bin. Rather than bolting/tying it with wire to the steel every few inches, seeing as it kind of sits in the corrugation of the steel I wondered about just using...
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    Spraying - low pressure

    Spraying cereals, currently on red (04) flat fans. Wanting to reduce water volume to around 145-150, at 11k that would mean 2 bar or just over. Should that be ok or is it too low for some things - ie get a set of blue nozzles instead?
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    Loader for JXU

    I'm considering selling our 40-something year old 2wd loader tractor and instead getting a loader for our Case JX100U. Don't know much about loaders at all, wondering what the best options are - Quicke/Trima/Case/any other (maybe cheaper) makes worth considering? It won't be doing a massive...
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    Fertiliser striping (alternate bouts on slope)

    Today I noticed a hint of striping in a winter barley field, but instead of, say, over-spreading between tramlines and under-spreading on the tramlines (as used to occasionally happen with our old wagtail), the full bout widths seemed to alternate light and dark, as though it was over-spreading...
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    Endurance main bearing

    Apparently there is play in the main bearing of our e-3120 (commissioned 2012). The maintenance people are recommending replacing the main shaft/bearing assembly with a new design and at the same time replacing the bedplate with an upgraded version, 4 weeks in the workshop and a very large bill...
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    Best value outdoor surface

    Got some areas around the yard and buildings that if money were no object I'd ideally like to concrete, for extra hardstanding etc but also to eliminate potential rat burrow sites near the grain store and other buildings. These are places that won't get a lot of traffic, so I'd have thought...
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    Dung sums

    RB209 gives a figure of 2.4 kg/t total sulphur for cattle fym, but "no data" for sulphur in horse fym - does anyone have a rough value please? Also, how do you go about factoring dung applications into fertiliser requirements, particularly with regard to total vs available nutrients? Might...
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    Barclays online

    Has anyone else been having trouble getting on their Barclays online banking over the last couple days?
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    Field Marshall will start but won't keep going

    Our series 1 will start quite well and run nicely for 15-20 seconds or so but then stops - I try altering the revs, giving the decompresser a dab etc, but to no avail. On one occasion a couple weeks ago she did keep going and when she does - (including a couple occasions when we towed her to...
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    Home build dd tine drill??

    How about this as a cheap way of getting into direct drilling? I have this... and this... (bit rougher now as that photo's 20 years old). Whack the DL hopper on top of the pigtail cultivator, change the pigtail shears for (?)Baurgault points or whatever the experts recommend, sort out a...