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  1. Just because

    Single row Armer

    I'm after a single row beet harvest to buy does anyone know of any? Thanks
  2. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  3. Just because

    To late for stubble turnips?

    Is it to late to plant last of stubble turnips or would I just be better of planting rape/ kale hybrid??
  4. Just because

    Grazing clover

    Have been offered this to graze with store lambs before he ploughs and plants with wheat was a red clover and rye grass mix (clover taken over) 18ac field was going to strip graze possible buffer feed with straw/hay and other tips my first time grazing that much clover ?? Thanks
  5. Just because

    McHale wrapper 991 LBER

    Hi my brother has caught the wires on the wrapper has any got a wiring code ??
  6. Just because

    Clover seed in creep feeders

    Hi everyone has any tried putting clover seed in creep feeders to spread clover across pasture land?? thanks
  7. Just because

    Grazing kale

    Hi everyone thinking of planting some kale direct into some grass in next couple of weeks want to graze it with mainly cattle from November until January only 4acre patch. Which would be best to grow. Thanks
  8. Just because

    Grazing cover crops

    Has anyone had any experience with grazing Mustard and oats cover crop with Hoggets dec/feb???
  9. Just because

    Grazing store lambs on volunteer oil seed rape

    Been offered some volunteer OSR to graze store lambs on do they grow ok or stay clear?? Thanks