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    FendtOne in cab camera terminals.

    Just received our FendtOne 724 and bugger me they have changed the camera socket in the cab from a 5 pin female to a 4 pin female so now none of our cables or adaptors fit. Does anyone know if there is an adapter cable or know what the correct description is of the new socket so we can order...
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    Kuhn GF 8712 Headland Lift Control.

    We have an 8712 tedder fitted with Headland Lift Control...apparently it's fitted to it. In short it appears to have absolutely no effect at the headland. If you raise the outer sections there is nothing to stop them from continuing on up and wanting to fold into the transport position. It would...
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    4 mtr 750A

    We have a new 4 mtr 750A . Has anyone got practical experience of the lifting and lowering characteristics of the centre and outer Coulter gangs? It's quite noticeable that the centre gang and LH side wing lift and lower in relation to each other but the RH side is late lowering and last to lift...
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    Fendt VarioGuide implement problem.

    We have just had a software upgrade in our 724 to unlock Contour Assist which works fine. However we now have a problem where a trailed implement when operating in a dead straight line maps askew to the tractor. Not in an offset manner but the left hand side further back. This is ok if you're...
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    Fendt Load Relief

    Is anyone running their front mowers using the integrated hydraulic load relief on a Fendt tractor? Is it better or worse than the built in systems incorporated into your mower?
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    Compact disc harrows.

    Any end user opinions/experiences with any of the following, Kuhn Optimer Pottinger Terra Disc Bednar Swifter Disc Primary use would be in mulched maize stubble.
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    Kverneland ES 85 Memory Sequence valve.

    Have a KV ES 85 reversible plough with a crook memory /sequence valve, Part number KK012743. Can these be rebuilt successfully or has anyone got a good supplier they would recommend? Yes we can get them here but they are worth an arm and a leg so just looking at a few other options.
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    Case AFS PRO 700 monitor pinout.

    Would anyone have access to the pin out configuration for a CaseIH PRO 700 monitor? 26 pin AMP connector. I'm wanting to make up a cable to run from the monitor up to the tractor in-cab Isobus 9 pin plug.
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    Varioguide serial interface cable.

    Apologies in advance as technically this is a hardware issue rather than a Precision Farming question. Is anyone using the Varioguide D-sub 9 pin connector in the roof of their Fendt tractor? We are finding the locking nuts project quite a bit lower than a standard plug and the new cable we have...
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    Software to support VarioDoc.

    What software do people run to support Fendt VarioDoc ? Not needing anything too elaborate. Just wanting to create maps and coverage to back up proof of placement for farming clients who we will be applying spray, fertiliser and muck.
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    3 inch Spoked Gauge wheels

    We are looking to order a new 4 mtr 750A and would like to fit it with a narrower 3 inch wide spoked gauge/depth wheel. Is this a possibility ex factory or will we need to fit Needham or Mudsmith options sourced from the States?
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    Amazone UF sprayer through Fendt Vario terminal.

    Looking to run up an Amazone UF 1501 sprayer utilising the Fendt Vario terminal for full control and operation of the sprayer and mapping. So far everything on the isobus side has loaded correctly and we are able to assign function controls to the Fendt joystick. Before we start ,will we need to...
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    Stocks Ag Fan Jet Mini

    We have a new Stocks Ag Fanjet Mini with i-con controller. In the control unit under the Alarms Setup menu, the default is for the spinner fail alarm to be "On ". However , when this setting is selected the unit will not work . The spinner itself works fine but once you commence work and travel...
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    Avatar Coulter travel

    How does the coulter travel on a Horsch Avatar compare with the coulter on a 750A ? Would you get much contour following from a Dura Torq rubber mounting versus the 750's spring system?
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    Claas Disco Move Front mower

    Has anyone had any experience with these new Claas front mowers? Available here for the first time this Spring coming but little is known about them.
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    Claas 8400/9100 control module

    Our Claas 8400C mowers have eaten up the electronic control module again. ( the one mounted on the front of the mower ) Second unit in 12 months now. Quite pricey to replace and not repairable as it's a sealed unit. Are these prone to frequent failure or could we have another potential problem...
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    Rolland muck spreaders.

    Good , bad or otherwise ? Is there even such a thing as a good muck spreader ? :confused:
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    RDS Artemis Drill control system.

    Has anyone retro fitted a RDS Artemis controller/electric drive to an existing or new drill? If so, was there much involved? Obviously RDS are targeting Accord seeding units as their primary model but with a bit of machining most brands of seeder can be adapted.
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    Case Puma CVX 175

    Never really had much to do with the current offerings from CNH but you do seem to get a lot of tractor and extras for your money. Are the owners of these machines satisfied with their tractors? Would you buy the same again? Starting to see a lot more of the brand here both in contractors fleets...
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    Case LB/ NH BB knotter problem

    Have noticed the pigtails on the knots seem quite short. Book recommends a minimum of 15mm. The twine cut offs seem ok, all a good 35 - 40 mm long but the knot pigtails are barely 15. Knots aren't pulling apart but I would like to see them longer. Tightened up the lower twine tensioning rollers...