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    Base for rain water tank

    Want to put in a new 10000l rainwater tank, how thick concrete would you put under it? About 2.8m diameter tank so going to do 3x3m. Was thinking 200mm
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    K form

    anyone got any good suppliers for k form 135mm at the mo?
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    Airline between buildings

    Whats the best way to run airline between two buildings 30m apart? I know people of used blue water pipe then others have said it can shatter. It will be going through an existing duct so needs to be realtively flexible
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    Vetch and black oats drilling date

    I have some vetch and black oats to go in ahead of spring barley, what’s the latest I can drill this autumn. I want to flat lift an area with my new metcalf ng legs and pop in a bit more plastic drain pipe. So was hoping mid sept was still ok
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    Anyone ordered from this company, I saw some stuff they had supplied in Farm Machinery Journal so ordered a couple of small bits but cannot get any response from them? Are they still trading?
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    Chain oiler pipe

    Anyone know where to get a roll of chain oiler pipe to replace a couple of lengths on a round baler
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    Snow foam cleaning

    Does anyone use the snow foam style cleaning products for machinery? i see the Larson farms guys using it all the time and wondered if anyone had any recommendations for gun and products
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    Perthes Disease

    Has anyone or their kids had Perthes Disease? Our 9 yr old has it but is as wick as an eel and it doesn't bother him pain wise, but they have said he will need a hip repleacement in his life at some point and have recommended a small op to add some bone above the joint. Just wondered if there...
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    Flat lift legs

    We have an old coopers 3 leg flat lift and it’s a pain to get shins etc for so thinking of putting low disturbance legs in from another make so what’s a good one to go for?
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    Mapping updates

    Just an FYI RPA are making satellite mapping updates again
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    Wales NVZ?
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    Livestock building with over hang

    Quick quesiton for all those in the know as my other buildings have centre passages, if you are planning a livestock building with feedbarriers along the outside long edge how deep would you make the building would 60' be too deep?
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    Fuel station filters

    We currently have a plastic 1500l fuel station in a building it has no filters but we are getting a new machine thats maybe a bit more sensitve so what filters/strainers would people add? any links
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    Crane weigher

    Need a crane weigher, hook with a loadcell and screen in it upto 1000kg for a project. Anyone got one for a recommendation. Internet full options just wondered
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    Smart light switches

    We have a few light switches round the yard we would like to swap for smart switches, there seems a real miriad of options. Its not the electrcions area of expertese but I want to be able to turn on lights via a phone app and the yard wifi. Any recoomendations?
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    iPhone .heic photos

    I copied some photos off my iPhone via usb cable to my laptop yesterday and they are now .heic format rather than jpg. The website doesn’t support that as an image format. Is it something that can be added?
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    Direct tine drill build

    As a number of you have seen i thought i would post some pics of my direct tine drill build. Firstly some reasons behind it, 1. I wanted to have a go at direct drilling, having done some scratch till for the last 15yrs our soils are so much better than trying to plough then ph 2 or 3 time. So...
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    Bosch ehr-b error code

    Anyone know what 2-2 means on this?
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    Support Request Spam in weather

    Someone has been spamming the weather zone this morning :)
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    Terrapart International ltd

    Anyone had any excavator final drives from terrapart? they are offering a reasonable price to change both as one of mine has locked up.