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    Strain B1.1.529

    Well, they are animals not humans, and we treat animals and humans slightly differently. and we don't use vaccines on animals that have not had the full range of tests. I myself have had all the usual childhood vaccines and also typhus, hep a, hep b, rabies, anthrax, yellow fever, so far more...
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    Strain B1.1.529

    My cousin was flying in from Angola where he lives /works to see his dying grandmother. Was waiting for his flight transfer in dubai airport when Angola was placed on the quarantine list, now he will not be able to see his family for Christmas or his grandmother in her last days (refuses on...
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    Strain B1.1.529

    The companies making and supplying masks obviously make money from that ridiculous decision.
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    Strain B1.1.529

    Not enough people getting a third injection so they are wheeling out an even more deadly variant. Probably preparing us for another lock down as well.
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    Which hedgecutter

    Livestock farm, few hundred acres, lots of hedges, used contractors up to now but now think it is worth doing myself, I have more time in autumn now for one, would like to, and could get on the land when needed instead of having to wait. I have a McCormick CX105 tractor, (102hp), what hedge...
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    Poland-Belarus Border

    So Belarus is allowing migrants through to get to the EU and the EU are upset... But France let's migrants through to the UK and its all fine...
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    Tv licence

    Yep, stopped paying 2 years ago for exactly that reason
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    Wasps 2021

    Never seen so few as this year down in East sussex.
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    Third primary Covid jab for immunosuppressed (NOT booster)

    If it didn't work the first 2 times why do you think a 3rd dose will work?
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    Will you keep wearing a mask when you don't have to?

    Because we test a hell of a lot more than any other country, and are densely populated.
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    If you had known Covid was coming what things would you have done differently with your life?

    Buy shares in pharmaceuticals and Internet communications companies. Buy a warehouse of ppe.
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    So much for Global Britain ..!

    People were actually put in prison for selling vegetables in markets in lb and oz. Prison. I can't see anything wrong in allowing people to sell their produce in lb and oz again if they so wish.
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    Johnston, miner strike.

    The General Belgrano was sunk because it was an Argentinine Navy light cruiser,, armed and dangerous, sailing in the south atlantic whilst we were at war with Argentina because they had invaded the Falklands. No excuse needed.
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    My beautiful Jersey house cow, loved by my kids, was slaughtered after 2 inconclusive tests. No signs of ill health, was raising a good calf, No signs of tb in the postmortem. Why the hell should this useless alpaca get a repreive if my cow did not.
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    You won’t believe this

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    Missed a ball

    My Sussex bullocks are around 10 / 11 months old, and one is looking a bit bull like, and has a definite lump in the testicle area. I reckon I somehow missed a ball when I was ringing him or it slipped up somehow, so he still has a testicle but no scrotum. What should I do about this? Leave it...
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    Sheep breeds why?

    Romney, south down, Jacob. That's all I need 😂
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    Farmer moves parked car

    Not messing around
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    Campsite charging... Per pitch? Per person?

    No, mainly been campervans so far, with a few rooftop tents fixed onto top of cars, and a few bushcraft types who want to sling hammocks in the woods. Very few normal tents! Ive got the composting loo in an old sheep trailer, works well.