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    Slatted plough 6 furrow

    In much need of a 6 (or 5) furrow mounted plough. Slatted better, as auto reset, but anything in good condition considered like kv no8 or doweswell dds. Up to £7k Cheers
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    Tine drill solutions?

    What is the best comprise on a dd tine drill. New anything too expensive. Simba freeflow too much compaction and too old seed box. Horsch co4 not enough tines and fram cracks if transporting loaded. Simtech ideal but 3m too small and 4m unavailable used. I need to find something else to...
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    Straw Choppers: Teagle - 8080 dual chop

    Straw Choppers: Teagle - 8080 dual chop Category: Straw Choppers Manufacturer: Teagle Price: £5995 Condition: Used Description: Teagle 8080 dual chop straw bedder. Really good condition, always kept in barn. Used for 180 cubicles on short chop and long shredding for covered yards. Takes all...
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    Slatted plough 6 furrow

    Wanted a five plus one slatted body fully mounted reversible plough in reasonable condition. Skimmers would be good too as would a large rubber depth wheel. To cover around 400 acres per autumn, so fairly modern, not bent nor scrap plz. Cheers
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    Sprinter st as a cultivator?

    On a modern sprinter drill - Would it be feasible to fit wider wings on duet style boots to make a shallow stubble cultivator ? Any thoughts.
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    Drill hopper size. Horsch Simba

    How big is the hopper on most horsch CO4 ? 2500 Litres? And how big simba freeflow 4m? Sprinter st looks to be 3000 liters normally. T I A (I need room for 600kg DAP, 600kg prilled lime and 1000kg wheat/barley seed )
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    Situation Vacant Dairy Assistance inc accommodation

    Help required to work in team based around an organic dairy cow unit. Milking being the main task with on site accommodation provided. For full details PM or call/text 07870 596066
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    Anyone Not started planting yet?

    Outside events conspire against making a start on winter cereal seeding until the coming werkend. I'm beginning to feel its getting too cold for no-till dd here in the west country. Most stubbles are untouched apart from straw taken off. Feel I now have to plough due to the fact BG will be an...
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    Cotswold brash high disturbance?

    When drilling into very stoney brash thin soil, any engagement moves the stone around a fair bit compaired to stone free clay loams. Will this low organic matter poor fertility ground build up structure with all the movement or should I "give in" and accept some movement and concentrate on the...
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    DDing barley after wheat ok?

    Direct drilled winter wheat into sprayed off red clover last year. Is it okay to dd winter barley into wheat stubble. Straw baled off and clover under story to be sprayed off now. Intend to disk drill barley end of month with 75kg ha DAP. Have I overlooked something. ? TIA
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    Moore / Simba / Sulky seed cog

    Wanted the "double rate" cogs for a moore uni tandem box drill for increased seed rates. Or does anyone know where I might get one from. Same seed box cogs on sulky and simba freeflow i think. Thanks
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    Cow cubicles

    Super cow comfort cubicle divisions. High quality thicker grade galvanised loops. Ready to go, stacked on pallets in sets of 10s. Approx. 160 in total. Also gates and diagonal type feed barriers. £39 per division or offers for quantity.
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    Triple mowers

    Wanted, replacement for lely mc 900 mower conditioners. Rear set. Consider anything new-ish or vgc. Krone kuhn jd or lely. Mowers with or without conditioner. Thanks
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    6195 M john deere any good

    With a view to replace 7530: Is the M series 195 any good? Its got more torque on paper than 155R (also 200 hp boosted) If anyone has driven one please comment also on compared models. TIA
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    Simba FreeFlow drill

    Wanted a good condition freeflow 4 m. 1998 or later. 3m and 6m considered. Or a Sprinter. Thanks
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    Mobile Home for herdsman

    Wanted in good condition, double glazed and winter insulated. North Wilts / South Gloucestershire . Around 5 - 8 k. Thanks
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    GreenStar sf1 double use?

    If we have activation paid for on a movable 'brown box' non touch screen system - fitted on jd 7530 auto track ready, would there be any way of using a jd R series screen (for auto stearing) without moving the brown box out of the 7530. Not using both at once. Not requiring any variable rate nor...
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    Dursban replacement?

    Just direct drilling spring oats into old grass ley on heavy clay. Spayed off and limed last winter. Another light dose of roundup a few days ago. Conditions are good but soil still has plenty of wire worms and leather jackets. Not sure about frit fly. I never used Dursban when it was available...
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    slow till?

    Is a minimum forward speed needed to create tilth with a strip till drill? 7 - 10k seems usual speeds but would, say, 4kmph work with a wider drill and under weight tractor?
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    Sprinter ST4 / ST 6 Horsch drill

    Ideally ST4 PPF but anything with MultiGrip shank, especially worn out 6 metre. Exceptionally good condition CO3/4 would be considered instead.