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    Turbo Specialists in East Anglia

    Cheers Snarling Bee, Just spoken to them, seem helpful just waiting on them to get back to me with more information and quotes.
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    Turbo Specialists in East Anglia

    Morning, Spoken to one Deutz engine specialist and they just hit you with the reconditioned turbo replacement swap at £1000. At the moment, uncertain 100% if there is an actual problem with the turbo. so would rather have it appraised to diagnose any problems if any!
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    Turbo Specialists in East Anglia

    As title, looking for a recommended turbo specialist to appraise a Deutz turbo charger in East Anglia. Many thanks
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    Used Industrial Concertina Doors for Sale **Cheap**

    3 pairs of large used industrial concertina sliding doors. Each pair is for 6m x 6m doorway (approximately, will get more exact measurements in due course). I believe these can be easily cut down or reduced in width if necessary) Very good condition with no dents. Brought as part of a job lot...
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    Downs Telescopic Elevator

    How come your selling it? Have you upgraded to a newer one?
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    fendt 870kg front weight

    anyone got one lying around they don't need any more. not worried about the condition either.
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    Approximate cost for lean to on an existing shed

    Could anyone be so kind to give approximate price for 25/30ft wide lean to an existing steel portal potato store 80ft long. 16ft *(not 20ft, re edited)* bays with a fibre cement roof. With no cladding on both the side and ends. Price including installation and manufacture.
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    Used plastic oil drums disposal

    Probably looking at two/three potato boxes (6x4x3ft) full of them.
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    best brand of cantilever toolbox

    Thank you Munkel, went with your Beta recommendation, very impressed with the quality!
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    Used plastic oil drums disposal

    Got a large quantity of 5/20/25L oil drums and finding it very difficult to find a recycler/disposal company which take these. Even spoken to Witham oil and they couldn't answer the question. Very frustrating. Only quote I received was for £5 a can which is eye watering. Happy to drain and clean...
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    best brand of cantilever toolbox

    cheers Munkel and everyone else for their replies. What makes the Facom one terrible? Looking by photos online they seemed the best option? Was drawn to them by what look likes to be reinforced linkages on the folding mechanism. Had problems with others with the linkages bending and being a...
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    best brand of cantilever toolbox

    Quite simple, what's the best brand of cantilever toolbox. Had and seen plenty of one's are too thin or the linkages have broken. Don't mind paying for good value. Facom, Beta, Bahco, Britool etc. Obvious extra points for British made ones!
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    Free 10,000L Water Tank - Collection Only - Hackney

    Just a thank you for Ben's and his team's help loading the tank onto our trailer. Glad to announce no walls were demolished during our travels either to the reassurance of some members! Very kind gesture with the crate of beer and the offer to have a tour around the brewery! Is it possible to...
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    Free 10,000L Water Tank - Collection Only - Hackney

    Hi Ben, I've sent you an email! Cheers Rory
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    PTO driven fan for accord type drill.

    PM sent!
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    Chitting trays

    We sold recently chitting trays we had, But still have the purpose built chitting tray pallets for stacking them alongside a large quantity of fluorescent lights. If these are of interest, feel free to message. We are located nearby in Ely, Cambridgeshire
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    r26.5 Trailer Rims and Tyres

    Looking for 4+ r26.5 trailer rims and tyres suitable for large trailer. Preferably second hand. Many thanks,
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    Accord Air Drill Parts Wanted

    Looking for the following drill for a project -land wheel spider wheel unit used to drive the seeding mechanism preferably Accord/Kerrag. -Accord front mounted drill hopper without seeding mechanism. -PTO to hydraulic fan kit for the Accord/Kerrag.
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    Standen Vision Potato Harvester breaking for spares.

    @marshfarmer sorry for the delay, been busy trying to lift. We have a 50mm 2nd hand web available, looks in good condition. We are located near Ely. Unable to send a private message, so please message us. Cheers Rory