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    Loader for Ford 7840

    Hi all, Im after a loader for my Ford 7840 and nothing second hand seems to fit a 6 cylinder machine or sells too fast for me to make my mind up. Couple of new options, border plant can supply me a Metal Te loader for around £5k + VAT but never heard of this make? Other option is I go full in...
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    7840 SL PTO speed and rpm

    Hi all, I have been finding my feet with hay and found out I went too slow with my drum mower and it didn’t cut that well. One problem I have come across is what the lines on my RPM gauge mean. NH 7840 SL, I have the dual power option with 3 ranges and a shuttle lever. I have one line in amber...
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    Reseeding grassland

    Hi, I have 7.5 acres in Leicester (midlands) and want to completely renew the grassland as it hasn’t been cared for in 25 years plus. Mostly compacted grassland, grows buttercups and thistles and doesn’t drain well. Had pigs on most recently but moved them off as the grass is taller than them...
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    New Holland 376 baler

    Just acquired a NH376 baler to play with. I have a Ford 7840, will that be too big to run it off or does the size of tractor not matter? I’m a first time baler owner so be gentle. Thanks
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    What mower

    Hi all, first time into the hay game and wondered what mower to get behind my Ford 7840? Are telex a good make. I hear conditioners are not really required so to have a go first few years just get a drum mower, decent haybob and new Holland baler?
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    Vintage service - What oil?

    I’m servicing my old Nuffield DM4 and Ford 3000 and wondered what oil to use in the engine and back end? I heard 20W 50 was better because it’s thicker? are there oils you can use in both transmission, hydraulics and engine?
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    PA 93/94 or Bomford Hawk

    Option of all three 93/94 or Bomford hawke old 2003 models. Any benefits or things to watch? All around the 4K mark. Its to go on my MF3080.
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    Hurlimann 105 Elite

    Anyone used/know of these machines? could you safely operate a decent hedge trimmer from one?
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    Ford 7840

    Looking for a 7840 and found this in NI at Trillick: Is 9500 cheap for something like this as it looks in good condition?
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    MF3125 Syncro Crunch

    Hi all, I hear the dyna 6 box has issues over time. Anyone know roughly how much it would be to repair a MF3125 3rd gear crunch? Asking to see whether it’s worth buying one and doing the work or to spend more on a working machine?