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    Pneumonia in young calves

    My last five calves have taken a pneumonia that is really hard to shift I have taken a poo sample to vet they tell me it's a type of e coli that is resistant to most antibiotics so she gave me a antibiotic bottle but didn't shift it .any other types of drug that someone else may have had...
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    Ford 3000

    Trying to replace the brake shoes on my 3000 but can't get the brake drum of hitting it with chisle and sledge and heat but no luck any thing special to remove this drum
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    Water wheel

    Has anyone built a water wheel of any scale or know anyone that has
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    Fait f110

    Any one got Explored diagram of f110 gearbox
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    Battery rejuvenation

    Any one have any success Revamping tractor or car batteries
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    Not going in to 4wd checked fuses what else could it be
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    JCB 520 farm special issue

    Torque lever not going into forward and she s blowing the. Fuse hdyrulics working and engine running fine
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    Thistle s

    What is my soil lacking when lots of thisles growing
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    Chester to n. Ireland, anyone , anyone

    Need a sower brought back for part
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    Calfs with sore legs

    I recently notice d several 0f my calfs getting lame after a scour infection different calfs some with front sore legs and some with back sore legs but no swollen joints anyone ever had this issue
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    What type of pneumonia calf s not responding to draxin or resflor 10days old getting thinner by the day not suckling mum bottle feeding bottle no appetite gave it a muilt vitamin got plenty of colostrum moved them from shed into small field but still ot improving
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    Social farming

    Anyone know much about social farming or grant funding to help mental health for people
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    Do i have a microplas a

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    Health issue in newborn calf

    Two newborn calves 6 days old both charlioas past few days calves seem to have laboured breathing and genuinely off form seems like pneumonia but each calf has gotten 2l of colostrum from cow and 2l of sachet colostrum provita. They are in a pen with other newborns and no issues with them...
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    relay issue

    hi there got my old digger rewired by a guy that fixes starters and altenator s locally got 2 new batterys a built in kill switch and reconed starter and altenator new key switch and charging light so when I go to her batteries aren't dead as she could lay in the yard for weeks...
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    Very sick cow

    Vet Took 2 dead calf s out of one my cow on Tuesday nite plenty of penstrep and painkillers in her but she hasn't cleaned and it is poisoning her went down hill over night any good ideas to help her clean thanks in advance
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    Ewe laying flat out

    went to the field today ewe layn flatout shaking, still bright but unable to get up or sit up ,took her to the vet he put antibiotics steroids multivitamins but still laying flat out a jag for tetney aswell any other ideas out there two lambs on her .
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    Joint ill

    Any new drugs any good to joint ill
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    Borrowing money

    Contacted the bank about borrowing some money to buy a few acres last week. I was speaking the bank manager last week told him my situation which is favorable sent him as a message on msm on Saturday rang his mobile twice this morning but no response he is working from...
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    Borrowing money

    Best institution to borrow money to buy some land