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    Ergot help please

    I have a grazing field full of ergot. What is control please? ive researched what I can as far as I can see my next plan of action should be to mow, collect cuttings, burn and rest for a year, and soil test for copper deficiency? is there anything else please and am I on the right track? it is...
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    Crown rust on rye

    Hi new to this so be kind please. I think I posted this question in the wrong place earlier so am reposting here I have a few acres of mainly rye covered in crown rust. I read that it makes it unpalatable to livestock. Can I put horses on it? Horses aren’t metabolically compromised and aren’t...
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    Rye falling over on itself and grazing

    Hi i have a small holding and I’m just starting out. Can’t seem to get a definitive answer from my smallholding groups so thought I’d ask here in hope of maintaining a decent budget and organising my land ... if grass rye has goneto seed and fallen over on itself, and is then grazed by cattle...